Friday, June 26, 2009

Houston doctor was with Michael Jackson when he collapsed

A medical assistant at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute confirmed that Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, a cardiologist licensed to practice medicine in Texas and Nevada, was living with Michael Jackson at his rented Holmby Hills mansion.

She said Dr. Murray was with Jackson at the time he suffered cardiac arrest Thursday afternoon.

I need an ambulance as soon as possible,” the person who called 911 told the dispatcher. “We have a gentleman here who needs help. He’s not breathing.”

Jermaine Jackson said his brother's personal physician tried to resuscitate him at his home.

Dr. Conrad Murray was with Michael Jackson when he collapsed on June 25, 2009.
The person who called 911 when Jackson collapsed confirmed that.

“He’s pumping, he’s pumping his chest but he’s not responsive," the caller said

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that it was Murray who was performing CPR when paramedics arrived at the entertainer’s home Thursday.

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  1. Like i stated in the previous post, they are clearly diverting the attention away from the autopsy and towards the black doctor. They already know the cause of death via the autopsy. I am sure that the doctor is seeking a lawyer before he face the media.

  2. I am watching television now and they are seriously looking for Mr. Murray.

  3. Did they reveal the identity of the person who called 911? That person's identity remains a mystery.

  4. This whole thing is very suspicous. I think that doctor had alot to do with his death. As a matter of fact he is Dr. Death. Just like I believe they poisoned Bernie Mack and Issac Hayes.

    Has anyone noticed that they are Killing all the Black icons. Sure they say that these people have these so called illnesses but I think that that is a cover up. All these people listed below died Waaaay before their time.

    Bernie Mack
    Issac Hayes
    Richard Pryor
    Ron O'neal
    Barry White
    Left Eye
    Jam Master Jay
    Pimp C
    Tamara Dobson
    James Brown

  5. @1:38

    Damn, you read my mind. He is Dr. Death and he has pictures of a dead/dying Michael Jackson and that's why he fled the scene (with his camera in hand).

    I don't understand why they didn't interview the other people that was in his house. I mean, the police had a search warrant before the autopsy was conducted?

    Celebrities made a song in memory not even 24 hours after his death?

    Perfect timing? I think NOT!

    They knew that Dr. Death was on his way to perform his duty call.


  6. I thought the same thing, how did all those artist "get together" and record a song so quick. The song is all over the net. Theres more than 2-3 copies of the video on youtube. Something about Micheals death is just off to me. The doctor fleeing the scene with his camera and not his car, so what form of transportation did he use to get away??
    Why did he have a camera on him in the 1st place hes a doctor not a photographer.

    @ 1:38PM some of the celebs on that list have another thing in common....
    James Brown Dec 25
    Aaliyah August 25
    Left eye April 25
    Static Major Feb 25
    Tupac sept 13 1996 at age 25
    Micheal Jackson June 25
    There is something significant about the number 25 or 2+5=7.

    Something shady and sinister is going on in the music industry.