Monday, June 22, 2009

Larry King ‘Being Born In The Wrong Body, That’s Tragic’

“I wouldn’t know what it would be like to be born with the wrong body — that’s tragic,” King says about Arquette. “I wish her nothing but the best. I spoke to her [Bono] the other day. Told her how much I care for her, I like her a lot. Wish her nothing but the best.”

Give it up for legendary Grandpa Larry, who’s proving to be all the more hip by publicly showing his support for Chaz Bono and Alexis Arquette on Entertainment Tonight!

Somewhere a Grandpa has crapped himself.

After doing a panel on his show last night (which airs next Friday) about transgendered people, Larry hit up Spago where he confessed to cameras that Chaz’s story had touched him so much he called her personally!

Uh… Chaz it’s Larry King. Do you want to talk to him?

Not really, because Chaz isn’t doing any interviews… unless Oprah calls. Nobody can resist the gravitational pull of Oprah Winfrey.

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  1. Larry King is the biggest Jinn on the planet. He doesn't even look human!!

  2. Larry King was born as a hermaphrodite!

  3. Screw Larry King. He is the biggest fraud on tell-lies-visally. Ole dirty disrespect to the late brother ODB, may peace and blessings be upon him. Speaking of which, I believe he was a sacrifice. RZA and the rest of the WuTang Clan has sold out to the Black Boule. I believe Ole Dirty was their offering to them. His last Album that was put out after his death, was a Beast. They couldn't touch his rap game.

  4. Larry King does have feminin features. They look very refined just like a females. I always knew that there was something up with him. I just couldn't put my finger on it.