Friday, June 26, 2009

Liza Minnelli on Jackson Autopsy Results: 'All Hell's Going to Break Loose'

Speaking about the media frenzy and the next stage in this unfolding event, Minnelli told Harry Smith, "All those who knew him well really know what he was like, and I'm sure that now the accolades are going and I'm sure when the autopsy comes, all hell's going to break loose. So thank God we're celebrating him now."

Minelli didn't elaborate on what she meant by that.

Speaking as a friend, she said, "I'm just devastated. He was such a good friend. And he was just a really splendid man. And a brilliant performer who changed theatrical history. I will miss him, I cannot tell you. I saw him all the time. He was so fascinated with everything. He wanted to learn. Once a week he'd have dinner - when he was in Hollywood he'd have dinner with Gregory Peck, and then another night he'd have dinner with Fred Astaire, and another night with Gene Kelly," Minnelli told Smith.

"And then every Tuesday night we had dinner. He was passionate about learning and about everything. My father adored him. He knew every word of every song in every film my father ever made. He burst into triplets and three little unexpected children, that thing when he was around my dad. He was so curious. When I took him to Martha Graham's for rehearsal, he was absolutely riveted and we went home, and he wanted to learn all of those steps. So I taught him. He was such a student of everything. The spacewalk was really done in vaudeville, but he took it and changed it and made it his own. If you notice in his early videos, his feet are kind of flat. You know, when he has the diamond outfit on. His feet are kind of flat. As you go on, he took Gene Kelly's socks, threw some glitter on them, and wore those. So you saw them all the time," she remembered.

"He wore just a silk shirt on stage. He didn't need anything," Minnelli said. "He was passionate about learning. And we used to dance together all the time. It just. I loved him. He was just sensational. He's a great, great friend and a curious, curious man. And a dear, dear friend."

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  1. Wait!

    What do she mean by, "He burst into triplets and three little unexpected children"?

    Are there three Michael Jacksons running around Hollywood? We already know that he has three children!

  2. It seems as if a lot of these so-called celebrities are following behind Michael Jackson. One of his baby mothers remains a mystery.


    2002- Michael adds a third child to his family, Prince Michael Jackson II, known as "Blanket" in February. The child is conceived with a surrogate through artificial insemination, and the identity of the mom is a mystery. In November, Jackson dangles the infant over the edge of his hotel balcony in Berlin, Germany, to the horror of the public worldwide.

  3. Michael Jackson was under a lot of medication. For years he took medication to control his intersex condition and medication to monitor stress and other conditions.

    He spent plenty of time with Liza because she is someone that can relate to the conditions of the intersex community.

    His body went throught a lot of changes.

    Michael was giving estrogen pills that were customize for a white female not a black female (or male).

    Many condition were developed and named.

    Michael's body became a science project for researchers.

    They refuse to admit this but it is the truth.

    Its the same as trying to hide the truth about hermaphrodites and transforming them to live life a "gay" or "lesbian".

    For years, Michael's condition was blamed on Michael NOT the doctors who crossed his paths.

    If you are a person who were born as a intersexual, you know that doctors are known to sit on important information that relates to your health.

    Throughout the years, Michael wasn't known as a person who smoke, drank or did drugs. How could he? He was already taking too many pills.

    The doctors are trying to blame this on the celebrity. It's the same shit they did when Anna Nicole, Elvis Preseley and Marilyn Monroe died mysteriously.

  4. Liza Minella was suppose to be his friend. She's already talking shit about him and i can promise you that she will release a tell all book.


  6. Well I believe that the REAL Mike Jackson died a long time ago. This was not the real Micheal. Did yall know that the government has a way of extracting a person's soul out of his body. They always show you their capabilities in movies. People are so busy being entertained that they don't catch the message.

    THESE PEOPLE THAT RUN HOLLYWOOD ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF THE 200 FALLEN ANGELS. They are going to be the ones that take people into the ABYSS.

  7. Oh and by the way, THEY HAVE BEEN CLONNING PEOPLE FOR YEARS. Don't be surprised if you see a couple of Micheals running around here.

  8. @ 2:34 PM

    Liza (Michael's so-called friend) already confirmed this by stating that "He burst into triplets and three little unexpected children"?

    So Michael wasn't aware that there were children on the way? His so-called nurse was stealing sperm from him?

    Unexpected children? Ms. Rowe has a book out already and her conversations with Michael were recorded.

    Joe Jackson sold his children to Hollywood. They were clowned and i believe that Jill Scott is a Janet Jackson clone. Janet has a weight problem that's under control and Jill Scott can't seem to manage her weight problem.

    It's genetic!

    Michael was given the estrogen pack for a white female intersexual and this explains the reason why his skin all over his body turned WHITE.

    The doctors are at fault but they will never admit to this.

  9. clowned=cloned!

    the whites are laughing at Joe Jackson.

    AND Jesse Jackson and Joe Jackson are BROTHERS!

  10. I don't think that Jill Scot is Janet Jackson's clone. I really don't sorry. However I do think that Joe and Jesse is related. Maybe even brothers. I put that on the other post. They look just alike. The only one that escaped, narrowly, Joes indiscretions, was Rebbie. She got the fuck out of that household immediately.

  11. By the way I don't believe that Jill Scott sold out to them like that. she would be a bigger sensation then she is if she had of. Neither did Eric Badu. These sisters are alot more conscience.

    Jill had a damn baby by the Gay ass brother. Stevie Wonder can look at his ass and tell he is gay. Now homeboy supposely left her to be with an old ghirlfriend. BULLSHIT!! He probably left to be with another man.

  12. Oh Gawd.

    "Michael was giving estrogen pills that were customize for a white female not a black female (or male)."

    This comment really takes the cake for the most medically ignorant comment on this site. Estrogen is estrogen. There are no types or brands designed for black women vs. white women. (Although black women do on average have higher testosterone levels in their blood than women of other races.)

    Some of you here need to listen to those of us who ARE intersexed because we know the medical facts! Judge us all you want, I don't care, but there is a lot of ignorance on this site, such as the idea that hormone injections can be targeted to just hit specific body parts.

  13. "Michael was given the estrogen pack for a white female intersexual and this explains the reason why his skin all over his body turned WHITE."

    More ridiculous, ghetto ignorance.

  14. "Michael was given the estrogen pack for a white female intersexual and this explains the reason why his skin all over his body turned WHITE."

    More ignorance. Hormones are not race-specific. And the Jackson family is racially mixed to start with. Katherine is part Native American - look at her face.

  15. Yo, do you have the intersexed condition??? Because your getting real heated. I knew very little about hermaphroditism before I visited this site, but I started doing my own research and the moderator is on point.

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