Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Musical Selection:

"I’m high as hell, swagger right, float like after life
I got a gorilla appetite, I make you wife my snack at night
Why you still white like aphrodite, Da Lambo blue, da lambo nice
da Lambo bad, da lambo bright
And the cops can kiss my lambo lights - I’m gone
I know, I turn you on
She fell in love with an alien"

Quoting: Lil' Wayne

Aphrodite, Eros and Pan

"Aphrodite was often called, the Goddess of Love. As stated by several text books and websites, “she was seduced by Hermes with the help of Zeus and a stolen scandal”. Together they birthed a son and he was named “Hermaphroditos”.


  1. Lil Wayne??

    Do he have hermaphrodites in his family or is he getting ready to give birth to one or is he talking about LAUREN LONDON???


  2. Looks like he's going to be a father of a hermaphrodite.


  3. I think if anything he is talking about Hermaphrodites that he has been with in the past. I don't believe Laura London is intersexed. Don't lil Wayne look like the Predetor.