Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Musical Selection:

According to the SF Chronicle, Shavan Boone (pictured above) was a 22-year old single mother trying to balance her social life with raising a 4-year old son, Sirdon.

Earlier this month, the young mother arranged to meet a man on a Wednesday night, no one is sure if she met the man on the Internet, or not.

She dropped her son off with the babysitter, telling her, she was going out for an evening at a hot tub spa. Boone apparently went to the "Hot Tubs" in San Francisco on November 1st.

Three days later, Oakland police found her body stuffed in a gray recycling bin that had been dumped in a garbage stewn creekbed in East Oakland. She had been shot to death.

Boone's family became concerned when they couldn't reach her on her cell phone.

Boone's death has left her family stunned.

Her older sister, Regina McGee said, "No one in the family knows who Boone was seeing the night she went off to the spa. She never came back. That leaves a lot of questions for me. "She didn't talk about whom she dated."

McGee adds, the family has not told Boone's young son about what happened. "When he is asking for his mom, he thinks she's at work."

Police have yet to name a suspect and are still investigating.

Source: Jaxon Van Derbeken @ The SF Chronicle.


  1. omg thats sooo sad... i feel little kim is too old to be making songs like this. she is targeting the wrong audience right now...

    she prbly thought " hey, since the internet buzz is poppin right now, i'll do a song about having a internet boo.. i mean everyone has a myspace, facebook or twitter"

    but the only crowd that can relate to being number 1 on theyre " baby's top 8" are babys 23 and younger...

    not cute kim.....

    wat people will do for money...

  2. She's encouraging those who chit chat on Myspace to take it up a notch and to engage in "cyber sex" with the person that are chatting with.

    The video doesn't help because there are some questionable men playing the role of her "boo".

    I know Kim is under the age of 40 but she has to consider that her fan base are between the ages of 18 through 40.

    The video promotes cyber sex and today's teenagers are easy targets.

    It's kinda odd that they article read that she "arranged" to meet up with someone. It had to be through a internet chat site.


    This has gone too far!

  3. Lil Kim looks just like that white old lady puppet. You know, the one with the long chin. When I find its name I'll post it.

    She need to be ashamed of herself. All that darn plastic surgery. She don't look human anymore. She looks like a man trying to be a women. T pain SUCKS BIG TIME. The brother has no Vocal skills thats why he always using that autotune BS. WE NEED REAL MUSIC.

    Yeah that is a shame what happened to that lil sister. Poor baby. One should never meet and date from the internet. If you must, you need to meet them in a crowded place in broad daylight. People should know better by now.