Monday, June 22, 2009

Musical Selection:

Is it me or maybe it's not me - but - Amber Rose appears to be caught up in Kayne West music videos. According to Bossip, Amber Rose has signed with a well known modeling agency and somehow, Bossip was able to obtain a few photos from her shoot and many bloggers are reporting that these pictures are "Hot" - well i totally disagree. Did Amber Rose walk off the "Good Life" video set and straight into the pages of emode?


  1. I really wish this chick would fall off the damn face of the earth. What in the hell is she famous for anyway. Absolutely nothing. I don't understand why people are so caught up in these celebrities' lives, to the point of deifying them.

    I also believe that Kanye West was in on his mother's death. I really hate to say it, but something is strange about that whole situation. Especially the fact that homeboy did not even mourne properly.

  2. Normal people aren't caught up with this chick, Hollywood is caught up with this chick because she paid her dues through "stripping" and she was born as a hermaphrodite!

  3. Why is "she" grabbing the area in-between her legs if she was really born as a female?

    Hollywood is so full of shit!