Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stepping In The Name Of Pride:

As Bossip reports, Ciara is preparing to debut a "trashy" clothing line (or rather out shopping to purchase a home). Is it me or maybe it's not me - but - Ciara is clearly dressed like a drag queen. Maybe she (or he) is preparing to march in a celebrity filled "Gay" Parade - `Hint `Hint.


  1. Whewww, this is clearly a man. She is transforming right before our eyes. Those earlier reports of her being a hermie, is obviously true. Maybe she stopped or reduced her intake of "those pills".

  2. ^^^ i agree, something about her face is off. I thought maybe she had plastic surgery or something. But shes looking more and more like a boy in the face.

  3. Ciara is hideous. Why does anyone remember when she first came out she stated that she had 2 daughters. What the fuck happened to them. Please try to find earlier interviews with her. She looks like she's aging ad a male.