Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stepping In The Name Of Pride:

Kelly Rowland stepped out in support of the LGBT community at the Toronto Pride concert.

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  1. I'm so sick of this chick too. She deserves what ever the Knowles camp does to her because she continue to eat 10 yards of their shit. What is her purpose in supporting the gay pride BS. Is she secretly gay, think about it, you never hear about her dating anybody. When she was going to so called get married, Bey and her goons probably bought the brother off so Bey can be the first to wed. All of these Mother fuckers are sinister.

  2. Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Michelle and Solange were all born as intersexuals (hermaphrodites). Kelly went through a major transformation. This year - all participated in the gay pride events. Beyonce never missed a event and that's why her fan base is mostly GAY, intersexed and or hermaphrodites.

  3. To me, Kelly face is starting to look more and more masculine. This sister has very long face almost Jay Lenoesque! Lol