Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stepping In The Name Of Pride:

Looking pretty in pink, Oprah was seen touring the famous Catholic church Sagrada Familia (Temple of the Holy Family) in Barcelona today (June 22).

Joined by ever-present sidekick Gayle King, the media mogul played the role of eager tourist as she spent the afternoon at the massive, privately-funded Roman Catholic church, which has been under construction since 1882.

Missing was Oprah’s longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham.

Meanwhile, Oprah reportedly celebrated her 55th birthday yesterday by taking over a popular tourist attraction to hold a party for 1700 of her employees and their families.

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"Oprah Winfrey's private diaries are missing - and The ENQUIRER has learned the most intimate secrets in them! The talk-show queen has confided the shocking contents of her secret journals to close pals, including the admission that she and her best pal Gayle King are more than just friends who often share the same bed! Oprah is terrified those disclosures could be "misinterpreted" if the diaries become public, sources say, and she's worried that longtime love Stedman Graham will leave if he discovers her true thoughts."

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  1. Gay must be the dominate one. She's wearing blue.


    "Pretty In Pink" lol

  2. Is their anything on this site about the "I LOVE NEW YORK" chracter that was on "FLAVOR OF LOVE 1 & 2" and her mother. I refuse to believe that dyke looking bitch was born a woman the scary thing is her mother looks like a man too. She looks like a tranny, no woman on the face of this earth pounds on the make up like her and shes too loose and flamboyant. Shes the only 1 out of all the women on FOL to get her own show. Somethings not right with her everythings too over the top like she trying to hide "something"

  3. ^^^ You know what, I've always thought that there was something up with that bitch and her mammy. She is tall like a hermie, and she overdresses. Also, she cakes alot of makeup on her face. Remember when they had the parents meet with Flav, New York's father looked very feminin. That Dragon bitch that she calls a mother is a whole different episode. I don't even have the strength or time to address her.

    I does appear that they are hiding something. You don't hear anything else about New's father. He must have been a plot. And furthermore, I was wondering at what point in her life did she live in New York. Bedause she resides in LA now.

    Yes she most definately looks like a man trying to be a women.

  4. Crap!

    I remember when New York was afraid to get on that horse during the I love Flavor Flav. When i read up on premarin and how it's created from horse urine, i knew right away that that chick was born as a man.

    Her mother is not really her mother and her father is not really her father. That part of her life was staged and his past has been a big secret.

    She's another celebrity that's full of lies.

  5. Everybody and they momma know that Oprah and Gail are lovers. They have been for years. That is why she never will marry Stedman. She practically took Gail from her husband. If I'm not mistaken, Oprah may have gone on their honeymoon with them. I remember reading that somewhere. I guess Gail's ex said that he couldn't compete with Oprah's money.

  6. @11:18

    Oh I didn't know she was a celebrity. All she/he is known for is getthing smashed by that troll

    Yeah, I do remember she was afraid to get on that horse. I couldn't understand what was the big fucking deal. I do realize that people have phobias, but damn. I mean she was absolutely petrifeid. She knew that that horse would sense that premarin in her system and throw her ass clean off of him.

  7. I agree, my gaydar was on point with that NY character.They both look like trannies,his mama is probably his lover.

  8. Lmao @ 11:41.... whats premarin??

    New york and her mama are 1 big mystery. Any woman who overdoes it with the make-up has something to hide. Her eyelashes are too much everything about her is over the top. At the end of 1 of the episodes of "I LOVE NEW YORK 1", the episode where New york meets tangos mom, New yorks mom slips up and says the only penis i wanna feel on me is mine or some shit like that, then she tried to laugh it off like she was playin. To me they both look suspect.

    And Ciaras been looking real masculine in the face lately, she too is looking more and more boyish in the face in recent pics i have seen.

  9. OMG! Yes, let's dish on "Tiffany Patterson". She is definitely a tranny - just listen to that voice! Granted, there are a lot of black women out there with low-pitched, resonant voices, ranging from Maya Angelou, to Oprah, etc. But New York's voice routinely goes up into that crazy falsetto range, especially when she gets excited.

    And her "Mother" - people, think about this....that's her DRAG mother! Most queens have a "gay mama" or a "drag mother". Sister Patterson is her mother, but not her birth mama. Get it? :o)

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