Friday, July 10, 2009

Author: Arsenio Moreno to published a historical novel about hermaphrodites....

After the good reception he had last year 'Hijos de Padilla, "his previous book, Arsenio Mendoza Moreno has published these days' Knight undetermined' (Editorial Anaya), a new incursion into the historical novel, a genre that the historian ubetense comes as the ring finger.

To shape an exciting story, Moreno Mendoza part of the story, well known in Úbeda, the 'man nun', the nun who became improvisto man at the age of 28 years as a result of an accident related with biological mysticism with, given their condition hermaphrodite.

In this way, the soldier becomes a nun in the first half of the seventeenth century and participates in various events that the author reflects deep knowledge of the era and with a language that gives it more credibility.

From documents available on this amazing event, Arsenio Moreno has charted an exciting novel with the opulent and decadent Golden Age Spanish background. The actor entered the Dominican convent in the crown of Úbeda, because her family was aware that was not equipped for marriage.

Thus, his only alternative was the cloister. But making a huge effort, he felt a crack of raising their male organs.

"At that time there were several cases of this type today are available as minor surgery, and interestingly all the nuns who were there," said the author to IDEAL. Not to be confused with the famous case of 'nun ensign' that it was actually a woman who was passing through man. Although belonging to the same time and even met.

Going from Doña Magdalena Don Gaspar, is presented to the reader as a character in many shades, as experienced by the vision of men and women in two ways (and the female religious). The last release of documentary I saw it by Jaen, on horseback and with a sword.

Story Continues...

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