Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: David or Diane Schroer

The Obama administration is not fighting a nearly $500,000 judgment for a Library of Congress hiree who lost the job while undergoing a gender change from a man to a woman.
The Justice Department let the deadline to appeal the decision pass Tuesday, a day after President Barack Obama hosted gay supporters at the White House and promised to be their "champion." Some activists have complained he has not led on their causes, including ending the ban on gays in the military.

Diane Schroer, a retired Army Special Forces commander from Alexandria, Va., had been offered a job at the Library of Congress when he was a man, David Schroer. The job was rescinded the day after Schroer told a library official he was going to have an operation to become a woman.
The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Schroer's behalf in 2005, and two months ago a federal judge awarded her $491,190 in back pay and damages because of sex discrimination.

Army vet David Schroer, now Diane Schroer, in a 1985 photo.

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  1. There goes the "gays" in the military.

    The military should give all recruits a genetic test.

  2. He was hired as "David" not "Diane".

  3. Well, all of this talk about gays in or gays out of the military makes sense.

    This subject has cut like a knife for many years but no one was willing to stitch up the wounds.

    Hermaphrodites in the Military?

  4. I just read that s/he won this lawsuit. s/he was given the money. It's all about the money.

  5. They all are full of shit. Who cares who the hell your sleeping with. This has a much deeper contain than them just merely being gay. They are definately talking about something other than their sexual preference, it has to do with them having a fucked up dna. Two damn genitals. Come on yall, quit playing.

    Then they have the audacity to get mad at the world because their sex organs are fucked up. Ni@@a please.

  6. I know that this isn't a laughing matter. It's actually a sad situation. You entered the military knowning that you were attracted to both male and female.

    YOU KNEW that you were more FEMALE than MALE. You wait until you were given a job within government services and THEN you decide to get a sex change. Doctors will only transform if you were born with a gender twist at birth.

    You are too embarrassed to request that military officials change your sex because you were suppose to be a MALE soldier (who lacked the balls to do the JOB).

    You are fighting for GAYS in the military WHEN you were actually born as a hermaphrodite.

    Then you change your gender and SUE the GOVERNMENT?

    So now that you have your money what's next?

    You have enough money to march around the world to share your story. How about an appearance on Oprah?

    How can you sue for sexual harrassment or discrimination when you wasn't born MALE or FEMALE.

    You were born as MALE AND FEMALE; both.

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