Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Kimberly or Paul McKerrow

Maybe it's me or maybe it's not me but - Kimberly or Paul looks a lot like the daughter or son of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh are also the parents of Jamie Lee Curtis. The tiny picture below is minimized for a reason. I keep telling you all that, "Hollywood is filled with arranged situation".

Here's the article:

Kimberly says that she always felt uncomfortable in her body growing up, but that it was a slow realisation about what was really going on. "That was due to a lot of repression," she says.

"I think that's very common. It was a very lonely, isolating experience. I never confided in anyone. I was always a bit of a loner, and stuck in my own head. I was very quiet, but I was still quite popular in high school. I was class president and valedictorian, and I played football. I was pretty good too.

"I had girlfriends throughout my teens. I guess I was trying to find things that would 'fix' me and that meant doing the things I was expected to do growing up."

'I had a very slow transition," she explains. "I know a lot of people who do it overnight -- literally. For me, I was slowly transitioning as I was working through school and starting off in my career. It took a good few years; the standard practice is to go through a lot of therapy and counselling as you're going through the process.

"My family knew about it to varying degrees at different times. My younger brother Todd is gay and also lived in the Bay area in San Francisco, so he was the first I told, along with my mom. My older brother Marc was the only one who wasn't in on everything.

"After I transitioned I was a bit uncomfortable about it all. When you change your sex, there's a tremendous pressure to bury your past and to 'disappear'. That's what I did. I gave up being a filmmaker, and worked in publishing instead for many years.

"When I started making this film, I found my brother Marc was the only one who wouldn't let me get away with forgetting my male past. He forced me to reclaim it."

"I think anyone who transitions often wonders, 'Well, I started off in the wrong body, am I going to end up in the right one?' That scepticism is why it's important to take the whole process step by step, rather than doing it radically overnight."

Living her new life as a woman, Kimberly admits that she found conducting relationships difficult at first. "I guess I just dreaded the conversation," she says. "But I really found that the more at peace I was with it, the easier it was for other people to accept. I've now been with my partner, Claire Jones, for the past nine years."

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  1. My question here is this: the headline talks about "Hermaphrodite: Kimberly or Paul?"

    When you read the description of one, they have organs of both sexes. It doesn't sound like Kimberly HAD the sex organs of a woman prior to the surgery. Is that correct? The title here is kind of confusing.

  2. Paul was raised as a boy who decided to transition into a female name Kimberly.

    It's either paul or Kimberly.

  3. I am not sure where you found the definition of hermaphrodite but "Hermaphroditism is a sex development disorder in which a person birthed through an incestuous relationship is cursed with both male and female gene tails...." It is a condition (a genetic disorder) in which the embryo develops characteristics of both male and female sexual components. Lastly, it is not a result of incest. The cause is genetic but not well understood.

  4. Lastly, Paul was born a man physically not a hermaphrodite. Paul as an adult male, chose to have a surgical sex change to become a female, Kim- with all the external physical characteristics of an adult woman.

  5. You stupid fucking assholes! you obviously do not understand basic biology. In biology, a hermaphrodite is a plant or animal that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female genders. It is plain that you are either really ridiculously ignorant or worse attempting to pander to a "lesser" (read ignoramus) readership to garner site hits.

  6. @ 10:24 PM

    If you truly understand basic must remember that scientist used plants and animals to further their research on human conditions.

    A 'human' sex change operation had to be performed on a animal or plant first.

    Search through this blog and you will find articles where scientist were given millions of dollars of perform a sex change operation of plants and fruits.

    They also perform a sex change operation on a dog and horse.

    This process is called basic biology 101.

  7. ^ forgive the typos.

  8. God doesn't mske mistakes but u showed him wrong. u born male no mistake there, small form when young and no confidence , low self estem, u change to a girl. u made a mistake shame on you, for decieving God. and got a queer bro. yall are jealous of Mark because maybe he was first chosen,and yall had to change to please or be different for parents. and as far christmas when you institued mark lol a few others should have went or let him out of jail to go home cause u could tell you did not want him there the only normal one biologicaly , maybe not norlogicaly,but physicaly norm. he is not developmental delayed just a few norlogical problems and there is a difference . oh well ,paul,todd and mom have a disfunctional problem.