Friday, July 10, 2009

Hermaphrodites and Kabbalah

Sex and sex worship (phallic worship)
Otto Augustus Wall
C.V. Mosby Co., 1920
Princeton University
Digitized May 17, 2008

Madonna snubbed 12 needy orphans because she really, really wanted David and Mercy

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot
Rachel Pollack
Edition illustrated
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2007
ISBN 1578634083, 9781578634088

According to, South Africans have one of the highest occurrences of hermaphrodites in the world. This condition occurs in about one in 50 people. Currently, there are between 45,000 to 90,000 hermaphrodites living in South Africa.

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  1. There is something totally amist about this trick. I would like to know the real reason this bitch is adopting african babies. I don't trust her motives. Yall heard about that man that had adopted a African baby and was trying to sell him for sex.

    The first thing that black ppl say is "well at least they are getting a better life". I don't believe that they can say that bullshit. How in the heck do they know that. You don't know what those MF's are doing to those damn kids behind closed doors.

    I remember seeing a picture of Steven Speilberg on the red carpet with his family and I saw that he adopted a black son. This was years ago, do you know that I haven't seen that child since. How in the fuck do we know whether of not he had that child sacrificed. Or he could be sexually assaulting that kid. You know that Speilberg is gayer than Peter Pan on ice skates.

  2. Hey - If a child is adopted overseas, it's so easy for them to show up missing. The system overseas is not solid and it's easy for a person to become lost and no one searches for them.

    Madonna is adopting hermaphrodites from African to become apart of her rituals. Just like angelina Jolie.

    If these children die during a ritual ceremony, the parents will be paid and they will say that they child developed some mysterious disease from Africa.

  3. LOL @ 9:07----The child is still alive and all grown up----just google Theodore Spielberg and you will see one WEIRD looking individual. He looks like something that was hidden in the basement all these years something is definately not right!
    I, too am also concerned about baby Zahara. That child is going to have some SERIOUS problems and it's already showing. She rarely smiles, she looks confused and she seems to have no one even though she was "rescued" from death and disease.
    I pray for these children. Hopefully they will grow up and find their way back to their true way of life which would have been possible if these celebrities donated money to the children's family instead of taking them away.
    Lady Dee