Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hermaphrodites (Hijras) In Pakistan....

"Parents give their hermaphrodite children into the care of gurus (leaders of transvestites) at a very tender age who abuse them instead of providing them the opportunity to get education."

Hijras or “impotent ones” are Indias proud cross dressing community and are rapidly approaching the million mark. The process of becoming a hijra, usually undertaken by men but some women, involves a socialization into a hijra family often characterized as chela “student” to guru “teacher”, chelas establish their gurus surnames leading to a gradual assumption of femininity sometimes culminating in a castration.

They’re long thought to be associated with good luck and perform religious ceremonies involving music, singing, and sexually suggestive dancing at weddings and at the births of male babies. The “third sex” have their own political party and recently their very own toilets!

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  1. One million hermaphrodites in India? Yikes!

    Hey, this happens when you inbreed and refuse to marry outside of your race and family.


  2. Marrying outside your race has nothing to do with it. No one should ever marry outside their damn race. The hell with all that mixing shit. Thats why we got all these fucking mutts now. Look at the retarded ass Hispanics. They don't know what the hell they are. Running around here calling themselves Latin. What a damn joke. The true latins are the Romans and the Greeks. Where in the hell did they get the shit from?????

  3. These are MEN, point blank. There is absolutely nothing feminin about these monsters. They need to stop fooling themselves. It is really sad.

  4. @ 7:49

    The culture within India is strict. That can't marry outside of their race. When they can't find a suitable match for their child. Someone is picked from within. How else can you explain "one million" hermaphrodites running around in India?

  5. It's sad because they have to take pills for the rest of their lives.

    Most are depressed with this thought alone. if a person is assigned to take pills for the rest of their lives then expect an addiction to pills.

    It doesn't help that these people are drinking alcohol and doing other drugs and everyone knows not to mix medication with additives.

  6. This is an all around sad situation. They are being educated by hermaphrodites who transformed successfully or rather..

    These hermaphrodite children are abused at an early age.

    But they are encourage to March every year in a Pride parade?

    Help me understand the reasons why they are marching?

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