Thursday, July 30, 2009

Illicit encounters....

The Hawkeye Wildlife Area near North Liberty has been seeing a lot of traffic, and a lot of skin.

This wildlife area has really nice trails, but parents, if you bring your kids here, be warned.

"We were just out here walking these trails and there was one guy walking without his bottoms on. And two guys giving each other oral sex." Tony Brewer says this place has been a known hook-up spot for gay sex for years.

"I just think there could be other places they could be doing it. Not where kids could stumble upon them doing this on the trails," said Brewer.

They've been doing this on the trails now for a while. There's a lot of trash. A lot of wrappers. We even found a pair of underwear.

There's no reason to be out in public thinking no one will see this. Before we brought our cameras in we found two completely naked men walking around.

The DNR knows about it, but the people who work here say authorities told them there is nothing they can do. Brewer wants someone to just try harder.

"I'm afraid I would be out here with my kids and we're going to be hiking the trails and one will see something like that. Kids don't need to see that," said Brewer.

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