Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Image Downgrade....

Question: What happens when a not so popular "pop" singer decides to step out in public without her wig?

a). she gets clowned
b). she appears as a boy
c). it's easy to tell that she was born as a hermaphrodite
d). _____________________

If you believe that Solange is totally unattrative without her wig and makeup, just wait until you see Beyonce without her additives.

These two images were discovered at the Bossip website.


  1. Moderator read this:

    Looks like mini-Beyonce had a hell of a day yesterday. What with shaving her head, freaking out, plopping a wig on it and then tweeting about her hoo-ha.

    She posted a tweet this morning saying: "Do people want me to lie & act like I DONT have a vagina? Why does that word freak folk out, next time ill say it's closed seams down there."

    Yeah, that just happened. She actually wrote a 140 character entry about the fact that she does indeed have lady parts.

    If it was her older sister sharing details of her junk, I would call it a "Yadon'tsay," but in her case I guess we should refer to it as "so lame."

    I need to go wash my hands.



  2. I think she looks beautiful, get off the tit of the ridiculous white media, she does not have to paint her face and wear horse hair to look good...she looks like a beautiful proud black woman...period
    CHILL..if you want respect be respectful.

  3. To be honest with you, I like Solow's hair like that. I like her better than her, what ever Bey is to her, sister. I'll give her credit for taking that hideous ass lace front off. This is much more natural.