Friday, July 17, 2009

Ladyboys: The "Simon" Culture in Thailand...

"Simon," called in English "ladyboy", in Thai is called "She-Male". Official statistics show that only the capital of Bangkok at least once a year to do a sex change operation more than 1500 cases. In Thailand, Simon has become an industry, every year the beauty contest Simon. Transgender people in Thailand has not yet been legally recognized, identity cards are still marked with "their" gender is male, "they" almost always have to move to big cities to rural areas to avoid discrimination, but few can get to get married Simon . However, Simon's life in Thailand is still relatively free, "they" can not only engage in a variety of work, like normal people, they can even take part in the conscription, military service, without too much discrimination.

The "Simon" in Thailand has performed all over the fundamental mission, but the largest and most exciting programs to a number of seaside resort city of Pattaya (Pattaya) of "Al-Aqsa Simon performing" and "Simon Stefani performing." The two performances of Simon Field called the most beautiful in Thailand, the best luxury performance venues, exciting game show, the audience were full almost every day.

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