Friday, July 10, 2009

Maryland: Hermaphrodite Fish are swimming around in the Potomac River...

For several years, scientists have been working to determine why so many male smallmouth bass in the Potomac River basin have immature female egg cells in their testes - a form of intersex.

According to a recent survey over 80 percent of male smallmouth bass in the river now have eggs growing in their testes. The precise cause of this deformity remains unknown, but scientists suspect endocrine disruptors from chicken (remember that manure) or human hormones (which result from birth-control pills and flow right through waste treatment plants). In humans, endocrine disruptors have been linked to early puberty, obesity, diabetes, and both breast and prostate cancer. Keep in mind that these hermaphrodite fish are swimming around in D.C.’s tap water.

Research on the intersex fish and on endocrine disruptors is ongoing. The EPA is currently moving to test the compounds.

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