Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thailand: A Kuwaiti Tourist Robbed by a Ladyboy

Two Kuwaiti tourists fell for a regular robbery scam especially favoured by ladyboys trolling along Beach Road. As Mr. Alsuwaileh and his friend were leaving the Mixx discotheque at Bali Hai Plaza they were approached by ladyboy Warawat Rongkhan all dressed up to the nines and offered the men a night of passionate bliss. The two declined the offer and as they walked away, Alsuwaileh was pounced upon with hugs and kisses from the determined ladyboy. It was only until he pushed the man away did he discover that 1,000 baht was missing from his back trouser pocket. Realising he had been robbed he called a nearby security guard who quickly apprehended the suspect thief trying to make a getaway along Walking Street. Police were called and they all paid a visit to the police station where, lo and behold, after a search they discovered the 1,000 baht hidden inside the flowing wig being worn by Rongkhan.

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