Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Joe or Jordana LeSesne

Joe LeSesne is currently living life as Jordana.

A few months ago, I wrote a post of this person not knowing that she or he was featured within a "Vibe" magazine article. Within this article, Joe (at the time) revealed that when he or she was six or seven years old, he or she knew that they didn’t fit in and always felt like a girl.

As a kindergartener, he or she was taught how to keep this as a secret from his or her classmates.

Soon after puberty kicked in, the 18 year old DJ (living in New York City), made a decision to undergo hormone replacement therapy and to have his or her gender reassigned through surgery.

Throughout my research, i have uncovered that Doctor's will not change alter a person's gender unless they were born with a genetic disorder and or their gender wasn't defined at birth.

If you would like to track his or her changes, google him or her.

Vibe Magazine
February 1999


  1. You are an idiot. This is not caused by "INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIPS" as the heading to your article suggests. I knew Joe when he was a DJ in Pittsburgh. He was a good person and never was ill towards anyone. Wake up & stop leaning on religion as your crutch to be an outspoken moron. You've done more damage to the universe with this one ridiculous article than Joe could ever do in a million lifetimes.

  2. ROFL!!! Seriously though... are you out of your freaking MIND!??!?

    It is completely beyond me why you would even bother to write a blurb like this or even find it remotely worth it to "track" such an amazingly talented woman.

    At the risk of COMPLETELY revealing yourself as ignorant to the extreme, I beg of you to explain why anyone else's gender identity is of any concern to you unless you find that sort of information necessary (like most people) based on your own sexual orientation in direct relation to your search for a romantic interest.

    As a single (non-partnered) human being, I'll admit to the need to know a prospective mate's 'leanings', but if they don't fit into the mold I'm personally looking for, I tend to see what they are like as a person and whether or not we might be friends.

    Good Lord, am I actually having to explain this??? I feel like I'm trying to justify why some should do something basic and common sensical like... I dunno... eat food or breathe or something.

    Seriously though... how OLD are you!? You come across as a 13-year-old with a slightly advanced ability (for a 13-year-old) to put a blog post together.

    (shaking my head)
    You are missing out on the company and friendship of sooooo many kind, caring and talented people. If you ever had the incomprehensible good fortune to actually MEET Jordana, you would find her to be not only a total sweetheart, but one of the most talented musicians and producers in her genre this country has been blessed with in recent years.

    Shame on ME for even bothering to acknowledge the absurdity of your blog posting by posting a response to it.

    Seattle, WA

  3. After careful thought since last night when I posted here, I realized it's sort of a moot point basically... as Jordana isn't a hermaphrodite anyhow.

    I'm still curious though why you're so concerned about other people's 'parts'. Such a thorough (albeit incorrect factually) blog regarding an immensely private matter is quite suspect. Especially when it regards a topic that should garner respect and understanding, instead of this tabloidal splash.

    Hope you fill whatever need you have that this outlet is serving you without hurting too many people.


  4. This "private" matter is affecting the public's opinion.

    The truth will hurt especially if it has been buried in lies!

  5. @11:45

    First of all, who gives a MF what you think! We are gonna keep posting what we want! If yo azz don't like IT don't come the fuck back. This condition IS REAL! I researched it personally and everything the moderator is saying IS ON POINT!

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