Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Shazia

""I get so confused. I feel very strange that Allah could have made me a boy, or he could have made me a girl, but this way, neither boy nor girl. This life is very strange. It is a bad life...I do not want to accept this life. Had it been legal to commit suicide I would have done it." Quoting: Shazia

Well - There's a pattern with these hermaphrodites. They all seem to blame our Heavenly Father for being "born that way" and not their parents for having them through an incestuous relationshp!

Shazia has admitted to being at odds with her family. To ease her level of confusion, it's imperative that she trace this disorder to discover the root of her "genetic" defect. She wasn't the first person to be born as a hermaphrodite within her family and she's not the last.

As soon as she hit puberty, her parents sent her away to live with others who were born this way. She also admits to having both male and female sex organs. You see, in Pakistan, the eunuch live in colonies and they make a living by begging or through prostitution. In the clip below, you will see Shazia performing at a event as male parents hold their newborn "eunuch" in their arms.

You see, the "eunuch or hijras" are terms that loosely refers to transsexuals, transvestites or hermaphrodites.

These colonies can be brutal and young hermaphrodites are often beaten and exploited.

A few years after Shazia hit puberty, she admits to being drugged as the head of a colony performed brutal surgery severing her "penis".

Here's her or his story...


  1. Not all hermaphrodites are the result of incest, you lying shit.

  2. It's hereditary!

    If a set of parents (two people who are related) have a child, the child will be born with a defect. The child will carry this hereditary trait for life.

    @ 8:20 AM you sound like a bitter intersexual or hermaphrodite.

    You all are very upset that someone leaked that video of lady ga-ga when her penis poked out.


    Lady ga-ga will never reveal her parents true identity because they ARE RELATED and they too were born as hermaphrodites.

  3. all hermaphrodites carry the trait.

    It's hereditary. Go conduct your own research on the subject.

  4. @ 8:20 am

    I heard that Kobe Bryant and his hermaphrodite wife and hermaphrodite daughter went to vist the Louvre in France. Everyone knows that the Louvre is Paris is filler with hermaphrodite paintings and statues.

    Wait until Kobe's daughters hit puberty they will start to look just like a boy.

  5. boys.

    Kimora Lee's eldest daughter is about to hit puberty and she's starting to look like a boy.

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