Monday, August 3, 2009

A Thai lady boy found dead...

A Thai lady boy with a history of drug use and mental health problems was found dead at his home in Soi Toongglom Tanman. Several medications were found including weight loss tablets and sedatives.

At a detached house police found the dead body of Mr.Chombongotch Wattananun [43], lying on a sofa in the living room wearing a purple nightgown.

A friend of the victim, Miss Roongnapa Sriwong [43], who also lives in the same village, told police that Mr.Chombongotch had been addicted to marijuana for a long time but had received treatment at a rehabilitation center. He had also been fired from a company where he had been working for more than 10 years.

She continued to say that Mr.Chombongotch had had breast enhancement surgery but requests for a full sex transformation had been turned down by doctors due to his mental health problems.

The victim had lost all his relatives and had been living alone for a long time. Previously he’d had a young boy living in the same house to take care of him but he later moved out to stay with Miss Roongnapa because he claimed Mr. Chombongotch had tried to rape him.

However, the boy still delivered food to Mr.Chombongotch every day and it was he who eventually discovered the dead body.

Police have sent Mr. Chombongotch’s body for autopsy to find the real cause of his death before....

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