Friday, September 18, 2009


In Kansas City, a doctor has revealed that she sees at least ten new cases a year, of children born with both male and female sex traits.

It’s very difficult for doctors to label their patients as a “hermaphrodites” because parents are finding term extremely “offensive”.

They are also revealing that this term is “often” anatomically wrong because each case presents a more complex genetic disorder.

Historically speaking, children born with both male and female sex organs were called hermaphrodites. These hermaphrodites’ are now requesting to be labeled as intersexed, transsexuals, transgendered, ladyboy, eunuch, hijras, katheoy, dyke, lesbian, bi-sexual and or gay.

Here's the video clip of a hermaphrodite, born in Kansas City:


  1. These parents need to not be so desperate to assign a sex immediately. So, the docs say "it's a girl on the inside", meaning they found a uterus I presume, so they operate on the genitals to make it 100% female looking on the outside.

    THEN, the "girl" shows the reporter her two favorite toys: a big gun and a race car. Ummmm, hello, that tells you everything right there. THE CHILD IS MALE! Should have kept that penis! Now she'll be another Chaz.

  2. you should never have cut or alternate the kids sex organs, her penis or vagina, it is the babes body and you will regret it, when she gets to puberty its not gonna work for her, and than she can decide what to be a girl or boy, now she will never have orgazmic sex, but just some feeling.
    She will be traumatized from it. How can you decide for another human being what they want. Its like in Africa the 13 y.o. girls cutting off clitorises, and no more feeling for them. Shame on you and the doctors. You distorted the babes future what to be and double the fun to have.

  3. these parents need to be panished for lock of wisdom and their F,.... stupidity, hope the child grows up and let them have it...... big time. Look at it this way, there is more and more of HERMAPHRODITES, why.... look at the food they feeding you with in this country, one of the richest countries yet the food is the worst in the world. How come 10 y.o.girl gets periods, and got big hide breasts already. US of A get ready for new world gender. and yes they should wait long long time before the child decides whats up. And many lucky hermaphrodites that have both sexes are happy very happy, look at it this way if you had it you have double the fun. I just wish to find and hermaphrodite with penis and vagina intact and fully working. Yet all female should be like that.

  4. ^^^^you crazy as fuck! Who da heck want that kind of genetic make up! Urinary track all in the wack. That shyt ain't normal @ all.

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