Monday, September 21, 2009

Hermaphrodite Children...

The parents of a 12 year old hermaphrodite have scheduled doctors to perform his or her sex change operation.

In London, the child has lived as a boy and will become a girl. The parents of this child have already changed his name to a more feminine one.

At age 12, he will become the youngest to receive gender reassignment surgery.

The child has entered a new school this year dressed as a girl. This has caused a bit chaos as a emergency assembly was called after the child became a target for bullies.

The school faculty is requesting that everyone to treat him as a female and to refer to him by his new name.

Many parents are upset. They are saying that this issue has left their children upset and very confused.

Parents are stating that it would've been nice to read a letter detailing the child's entry into school prior to the start of school.

One mother has made the following statement, "Maybe we could have encouraged our kids to be more sensitive if we'd had a chance to be involved."

The sun is also reporting that another hermaphrodite has turned up at school as a girl and he's 9 years old.

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  1. It starts at home.

    These children are sent to school at a early age dressed in drag.

    I understand that they are children but the parents holds more of a responsibility to be straight forward with the identity issue that their child is facing.

    If not, the same parent will sue the school for treating their child unfairly and will blame bullies for picking on their child.

    Like i said, it starts at home. This parents should've known better.

    It's time for children to become educated about hermaphrodites especially if they going to school with them.

    The hermaphrodite child grows up in school with a straight kid without the straight kid knowing that that other kid is a hermaphrodite.

    Instead, the straight kid is lead to believe that this person is gay but will not understand the situation when the hermaphrodite child hits puberty and began to look like a boy not girl.

    I sure will ensure that my child is educated on this subject.

  2. You see, many children who wasn't 'born that way' grew up around a child who was. from personal experience, i know a girl who was born straight but became friends with a hermaphrodite child. This girl is currently 'gay' and in love with the hermaphrodite person. i kept telling her parents that something wasn't right about that other child and now they want to get married.

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