Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update: Chaz or Chastity Bono:

..signed a six-figure deal to place her life story into a memoir. TMZ has reported that this memoir will be titled, "Coming Clean" and that it will provide details regarding her transformation from female to male.

In June, Chastity Bono decided to change her name to Chaz Bono. As teenager, Chastity always felt like she was "born in the wrong body".

It's also being reported that Chaz and his girlfriend Jennifer Elia are considering having children through in-vitro treatments.

Remain mindful that doctors will not perform a sex change on a person unless their gender wasn't defined at birth.

Here's a picture of a younger Chastity with her mother and her current girlfriend (or cousin):


  1. This is strange. Chaz has NO features of her "mother" at all. I wonder if she is Sonny's child with one of his relatives? He/she looks like Sonny and someone else! Not Cher!
    Cher is a middle eastern descendant. Her father is Armenian!Kim Kardishian bears a striking resemblence and will look like her when she ages. Cher suffers from severe dyslexia and left home really young. Sexual and physical abuse? She became a hollywood industry trapoline while she was still a child to people like Warren Beaty and others. Then she met Sonny. Everyone in Hollywood is deeply connected!

  2. Meant to say *trampoline* for people like Warren Beatty. Cher was a mind controlled sex slave who was passed around for sex thru-out Hollywood. She also played the mother of a DEFORMED child in the movie "Mask". Cher is a fucking mess! Chastity/Chaz is seriously screwed up worse than anyone can ever imagine.

  3. Transitioning to male would sort of difficult if he/she was born female one would imagine. Unless "Chaz" had a mini penis and testicles the whole time. This is really weird!

  4. We need to clear up something here. The blogger posted that doctors will not perform a sex change operation (gender reassignment) on someone "unless their gender WASN'T clearly defined at birth". FALSE. There is so much ignorance and misinformation on this site and it needs to be corrected. Hermaphrodites are beautiful to some people. But most of the celebrities here display vulgar behavior and are an embarassment to regular everyday people who happen to be intersex/transsexual.

  5. Doctors will perform a sex change on a person to assign a gender.

    Hermaphrodites are born as an in-between. Their gender wasn't defined at birth. They were born as either male or female.

    Gender reassignment is used to 'assign' a gender through 'corrective' surgery.

    Hermaphrodites are being called "transgendered" because they can transitio from gender to gender. Surgery is used to pull them out of the undefined gender status.

  6. Cher's daughter wasn't born male or female. Despite being raised as a girl, when she reached puberty, she slowly transitioned into a male and lost her feminity. To identify with this transformation, she became a lesbian. When this news didn't please the public or her lifestyle, she decided to become a male. She has stated in her own words that inside, she always felt like a boy. She's is now living as a 'he'.

    Cher and Sonny were cousins! They are related!

  7. More people are discovering the truth. There's no way of hiding it now. It's public knowledge and information is coming to surface.

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