Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update: Chaz Bono

Chastity Bono want you all to know that she's still in the process of transitioning into Chaz.

Her first interview as "Chaz" was given to Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight. Chastity discussed having her breast removed, growing facial hair and the changes within her voice.

Chastity or Chaz has also admitted that, "his outsides matches his insides".

It is safe to say that Chastity has ambiguous genitals and the one that's not working will be removed through a surgical process (gender reassignment).

Here's the actual interview:

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  1. How much did they pay her for this story? These hermaphrodite always talk about their change but they never talk about how they were born that way. They never talk about if another family members has the same condition.

    Its the same ole boring ass story.

    The interviewer should've asked, "How did this happen"!

    This shit is stupid!

    Cher and Sonny were related. They are blood relatives.

  2. This shit is a genetic disorder!
    When will they tell us the truth?

    Cher had her adams apple chopped down. Maybe one day Cher will reveal that she was born as a male who transformed into a female to become a singer.

  3. Chaz Bono: I'm Enjoying Life as a Man
    Thursday – October 29, 2009 – 6:54pm

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    In Chaz Bono's first interview since first announcing in June that he would undergo a sex change, the child of Cher and the late Sonny Bono says that after 40 years, he is finallly enjoying life as a man.

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    Bono, formerly known as Chastity, tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing Thursday and Friday, that the ordeal was "a long process going back almost a decade."

    According to Bono -- who first came out as gay at 18, which caused mom Cher to reportedly flip out -- the most difficult step he had to take was, "finding the courage not to worry about what other people would think of me so much."

    He also says he "got clean and sober in 2004 and I couldn't have done this before that."

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    Bono has been undergoing a female-to-male sex change and gender reassignment surgery since March, and the process has already had significant physical changes on his body, which he jokes is like "literally going through puberty."

    "It lowered my voice," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "Fat redistributes, muscle growth, hair growth, sex drive increases... I shave about once a week now."

    When it came time to have surgery to have his breasts removed, he told Entertainment Tonight that "it was a relief."

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    Now, at 40 years old, he has no regrets about his decision.

    "I always felt like the male from the time I was a child," he says. "There wasn't much feminine about me. I believe that gender is something between your ears, not between your legs. That is something I discovered in the early '90s. It was just a long process of being comfortable enough to do something about it."

    He adds: "I want to still feel vibrant and be able to enjoy my life in a male body and not wait until I am an old man."

  4. ******

    When Cher changed Chastity diapers, she didn't know that her daughter was different?


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  6. Chaz Bono says his girlfriend of four years, Jennifer Elia, has been completely supportive during his process of becoming a man. Now, he says, his gender reassignment surgery allows the couple to physically have what they've always had emotionally: a heterosexual relationship.

    "She's been amazing," Bono, 40, tells Entertainment Tonight in the second part of a two-part interview, airing Friday. "I feel really grateful to be going through this with a partner."

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    Elia knew his intentions from the start, Bono says. "I didn't just spring this on Jennifer recently. This was something she knew about shortly after we met."

    He adds: "Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually. So now it does physically as well."

    Bono has said he felt male from the time he was a child. "I feel like I'm living in my body for the first time, and it feels really good," he tells ET.

    In June, Bono's mother, Cher, told PEOPLE she supported the decision to pursue a sex change. "The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child," she said.,,20316597,00.html

  7. >Cher had her adams apple chopped down. Maybe >one day Cher will reveal that she was born as >a male who transformed into a female to >
    >become a singer.

    now that is funny, if she was born a man, how could she get pregnant and give birth?

  8. you claim being transgendered is caused by inbreeding. Adam and Eve were related, and they were the first to breed so there children were inbreed.

  9. @ 9:35 AM

    That's what you were led to believe.

    Adam and Eve wasn't the first. They were created. Who created them?

  10. "now that is funny, if she was born a man, how could she get pregnant and give birth?"

    I know you heard about the pregnant hermaphrodite ooops i mean the pregnant man that was on Oprah's show.

    Cher was born male. She had a penis and a vagina.

    Her daughther oopps i mean son (when she hit puberty) was born with the same condition. It's hereditary.

    She will get her vagina stiched up and closed so that she can continue living life as a man..

    Her girlfriend has the same condition. Her girlfriend also discussed getting invitro to become pregnant.