Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update: Lady Ga-Ga

Lady GaGa recently released a new set of photos. After a careful review, it was discovered that Ladyboy Ga-Ga displayed a naked pregnant hermaphrodite baby (with a penis) within one of her photos.

Here's a photo taken from a set shot by Mr. David LaChappelle:

These photos will be displayed throughout Lady Ga-Ga's book titled, "The Book of GaGa". It's been reported that this book will fall into the same category as the book "sex" that was produced by Madonna.

Click here to view the rest...


  1. She's so interesting! What mind that girl has! She can make everyone love her! There is no escape. Brilliant! So sexy! The confidence, the style, the attitude! Go Lady Gaga GO! Make em all pay!The con-fidence it must take to toss away your identity to the wind like that. "Lady Gaga" - your a REAL girl! I have no doubt. Who needs a name for themselves anyway? I'd rather just exist in the public eye, and otherwise not matter at all. You're such a god damn inspiration. Don't LET anyone tell you different, cause they have no fucking right to !

  2. @ 12:46 PM

    Lady GaGa recently spoke openly about her cocaine use.

    She's truly a "rock star" who snorts! She has no brain cells. She's burning them alive!