Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: Kathlyn or Stephen Beatty

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty's oldest daughter - Kathlyn Beatty - is planning to undergo a sex change operation; to become a male. At age 18, Kathlyn has already began living life as a male name Stephen Ira and his (or her) parents differ on the transition. Many websites are reporting that Annette Bening and Warren Beatty are separated and leaning towards obtaining a Divorce. The National Enquirer has reported that Kathlyn, "...dresses as a male, has short hair and attends college as a young man".

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  1. hmm

    knew something was wrong with kathlyn and that her parents were hiding something. she never appeared to be the girly type and was instantly drawn towards those who lived alternatives lifestyles.

    when angelina jolie's daughter shiloh turns 18, she will request a sex change also.

    for annette and angeline, their first borns were born that way, you know as hermaphrodites.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

  3. Hermaphrodite? Buy a dictionary. Better yet, google the definition.

  4. Why are you upset that the truth is out there about hermaphrodites?

    They come from incest and it's true!

    Just say no to incest!

  5. The parents of most hermaphrodites didn't tell them the truth about their conditions.

    It starts at home. Be honest. Tell the truth. There's a reason why these people were born this way.

    Their parents should've been honest from the get go.

    Say no to incest!

  6. If you were raped or engaged in sex with or by your uncle, cousin, father e.t.c tell your child the truth. They have a right to know.

  7. How interesting you would assume that Stephen is the product of incest simply because he perceives himself as a male. I have an FTM son and know by personal experience the situation in which he was conceived.

    His father and I were both devoutly religious at the time, monogamous with each other, and might have even believed like you that transgendered individuals were the product of incest.

    Whatever the reason for my son's transgenderism, incest wasn't it.

    Also, transgender and hermaphrodite are not the same thing. A hermaphrodite is someone who has sexual characteristics of both genders. Many transgenders are born with the sexual characteristics of only one gender. It just happens to be the opposite gender of what they perceive themselves to be.

  8. If you are going to write a blog you should know what you are talking about. Please invest in a could really benefit from some formal education while you are at it. Don't pretend to know about things that you don't understand. Your shortsighted information is only going to confuse people who are searching for real answers. You are doing yourself and others a disservice.

  9. @ Lark Tucker - the defect began with a genetic disorder. Someone on your side of the family or partner's side of the family carried the genetic defect. There's evidence out here that traces hermaphroditism to incest, but there are also many other genetic traits (the information is available on this blog).

  10. There is NO connection between transgendered people and incest, ANONYMOUS IDIOT. It's also not a genetic DEFECT, but it is a biological anomaly that happens before birth, in utero, where the anatomy of the infant does not match the gender of the brain - it is most likely caused by a hormonal mix-up before birth. Get a clue, ANONYMOUS moron.

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  12. Is this so-called blog serious? Hermaphrodites are the result of incest??? Of course any idiot can start a blog and post anything they like, the proof is right here on this one! As others have said, please educate yourself before making claims about anything. I don't know if you are mentally ill or just plain ignorant. either way, get yourself some help!

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