Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update: Vivian Wheeler

Yep - test results have confirmed that 62 Year Old Vivian Wheeler is the biological mother of Richard Lorenc. Vivian was born as a hermaphrodite at birth, her mother asked doctors to remove her male genitals and at age five, she (or he) was sent to work in sideshows. These sideshows lead representatives from The Guinness Book of Records to recognized Vivian and her usual male contours and facial hairs. She (or he) has been noted in the Guinness Book as a female having grown the longest beard ever.

Vivian later married and had a son name Richard. Richard was taken from his mother when he was three years old and he became adopted at age seven.

Many years later, Richard sought out to find his biological mother and test results confirmd that his finding were accurate. Vivian Wheeler is the biological mother of Richard Lorenc...

Story Continues...

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