Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: Annabel

Kathleen Winter’s novel titled "Annabel" reveals the truth about a hermaphrodite child born in Labrador in the 1960s. This book was inspired by a true story told to the writer by an acquaintance and it's heating up the bookshelves.

Here's a jist of the storyline:
Wayne, born into the harsh, rural landscape of Labrador, Canada, in 1968, is a hermaphrodite. It is his father who ultimately decides to raise him as a male and names him. Only Wayne’s parents and their friend Thomasina Baikie, also present at his birth, are aware of his gender duality. The two women silently battle against Wayne’s father’s gender assignment, and as Wayne grows older, he must contend with the two genders struggling for dominance within him. His father, Treadway, a trapper who spends most of his time outdoors, works hard to steer Wayne away from his feminine side. His mother, Jacinta, becomes increasingly estranged from her husband as she mourns the loss of her female child...
Story Continues...

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