Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hermaphrodite: Archille DeVille or Sir Lady Java

During the 1970's Sir Lady Java served as a source of entertainment for many celebrity filled-events hosted by the comedian Red Foxx. In a magazine article published in Jet on August 10, 1978, Sir Lady Java revealed that she (or he) rather - never had a sex change operation. Despite articles written on her underground performances for comedian Red Foxx, little has been known about the performer's personal life. Archille DeVille is still alive and living life as a women:

Jet Sep 8, 1966

Jet Nov 16, 1967

A Recent Photo


  1. Wait! Did Sir Lady Java say that Lena Horne was the only pretty lady to make her penis hard?


  2. Jamie Foxx is dating a hermaphrodite name Britt Loren.

    Get it? Jamie Foxx (Red Foxx).

    1. You an idiot whoever posted this. Do you know Britt? Stop with the irresponsible blogging.

  3. Red Foxx had a lot of children and he only claimed one. Jamie Foxx has a deeper connection with Red Foxx. I mean c'mon, they both are (Jamie Foxx) / were (Red Foxx) infatuated with a person whose appearance fools.

    All of the straight women that Jamie Foxx has been spotted with actually married straight men. He was a lot of straight women but somehow he only steps out with a genderbending person.

  4. My beautiful cousin i Love you Java we started a family connection Archille DeVille on facebook