Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update: The Hermaphrodite Kye Allums

According to a article published in the Washington Post Newspaper, the hermaphrodite Kye Allums has been benched due to a undisclosed issue that surrounds her (or his) health. The hermaphrodite and her mother are not allowed to give interviews to other reporters because "Kye" and George Washington University agreed to share their "exclusive" story on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

"...Delamartinez said her son wants to help other transgender athletes but school officials have refused to allow him to tell his story to reporters. According to Delamartinez, school officials told her and Allums not to speak to any reporters because the school had arranged to give an exclusive to Oprah Winfrey..."


  1. Delamartinez - the name sounds dominican. The family must be from the Dominican Republic (Guevedoche).

    She (or he) suffers from the 5-Alpha-reductase Deficiency.

  2. You're clearly a douchebag who doesn't understand the words "ftm" and "transgender" please get some education before refering to people as "their". And to anon, a deficiency of any kind cannot change the way somebody feels about their gender in their mind and soul, you should educate yourself about science. Seriously, no wonder people are on about more support for the school systems these days.

  3. I like your spirit,the worlds scared of change,they cant control it,openminds solves alot of problems,ease alot of hurt.hearts snd feelings take along time to heal,along time to trust.

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