Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotted: The Hermaphrodite Andrej Pejic

The hermaphrodite Andrej Pejic was spotted today at the reopening of the Myer Bourke Street Store in Melbourne, Australia. The hermaphrodite model stood alongside fellow models Jessica Hart and Jennifer Hawkins in celebration of the store's 100th birthday:


  1. Moderator now that I've been reading up on this condition, that dates back thousands of years, I see they have been portraying this condition in movies for year. Did anyone watch the called "ROBOTS "? It's animated. Well, robin Williams did the voice over for one of the robots. His body parts kept falling off. So eventually he lost his lower torso and guess what they replace it with, yeap u got it, a female bottom half! Making him half man and half woman. Do u know they showed him giving birth. Well he layed an egg. Y'ALL They r no longer hiding what they're doing. They're hiding in plain site!

  2. Typo ..did any one watch

  3. What is your point of this blog?? Hermaphrodites don't choose to be hermaphrodites just like you didn't choose your race or gender. What are you patronizing them?

  4. The point? To educate and expose the truth about hermaphrodites.

  5. Thank You @ 4:58PM! I am preparing to rent that movie.

  6. "Hermaphrodites don't choose to be hermaphrodites just like you didn't choose your race or gender."


    However, the parents of these hermaphrodites didn't reveal the truth behind their condition. Most were told that, "GOD made them that way", when in honesty their genetic condition resulted from a incestuous relationship.

  7. Edcuate your children. Let them know that there's no homosexuality.

    You have male, female and hermaphrodite. The hermaphrodite is born neither male or female and its not their fault, they were born that way through incest.

    Say No To Incest!

  8. When media presents these people in glossy magazines, if i didn't read this website, i wouldn't thought she was a she.

    Then i read this site, search the internet only to find out that she was born a he and appears in glossy magazines as a he sometimes and as a she sometimes.

  9. @ April 5, 2011 9:27 AM

    You may be carrying a recessive gene. Go get tested!

  10. You are GROSSLY misinformed. It's quite unfortunate/ saddening that there are minds (for example, such as yours) that are so ignorant.
    Please know I will not waste any more of my time returning, I know Andrej, and I feel what you've posted is unintelligent, misinformed, narrow-minded, bitter, and cruel.

    You should reconsider your motivations, I believe you're jealous (which is understandable).

    I wish you enlightenment, as I refuse to believe you're simple minded.

    Good luck, be kind.

    1. I was genuinely curious about Hermaphrodites and was looking up information about them when i stumbled across this article. I have to admit that i am only slightly better informed about these rare people but still understand so very little about them. In none of the medical articles i have read was it stated that it was a result of Incest so i am confused as to what you are basing the Header of this page.
      Before now i hadn't even heard about Andrej Pejic but i find myself even more curious about him and Hermaphroditism.
      I think that most people feel threatened by anyone who is unusually different, in fact prejudice against race, sex and religion are what cause some of the world's biggest social problems. It's sad because people just can't accept the way some people or facts are and feel the need to bully them into conforming.
      I have a Schizophrenic friend, a Autistic friend and cross dressing friend and it has never bothered me because once you i got to know them, that became just who they were. I think it's unfair that everybody should be categorised.
      If what you say is true and you know this person, please can you tell me what he is like as a person? I find it a bit weird that people are judging him solely on things that he(or she)had no say in...

  11. Why did u decide that AP is hermaphrodite? His breast? Do you think hi`s a genuine hermaphrodite with dick and ovaries?

  12. Aj is a pseduohermaphrodite. He (or she) has stated in interviews that he didn't have a sex change operation and that he's taking hormones pills.

    You see, here's the issue. After you people fully transition. You want your past to be erased! It's not that easy. You will always carry the genetic trait to birth more hermaphrodites.

    Why play as if you are blind to these facts? You were born through incest. AP was born through incest. He's a pseudo hermaphrodite and so what that you know him. Half of the world has read about this half/half. He or she has shared his story with many media outlets.

    S/he is what s/he is.

    Why can't we talk about it?

  13. After he gets that extra skin cut off and form into a vagina, he must tell the straight man that he's chasing that he was born "that" way.

    And then that straight men will began to feel like a gay man because he don't know what he stuck his penis inside of.

  14. Julie, conduct a research about AP. I've read countless article on gay websites about him. He talked openly about his condition. He didn't say that he was a hermaphrodite but the writer of the article did. They also said that he has a intersex condition (formely known as hermaphrodite etc). He actually shared that he didn't have a sex change operation and he's not sure if he'll get one. However, s/he talks about getting testosterone injections. That's how he begin looking like a she.

    It takes ten years for a person to fully transition.

    NEW SPECIAL! Premieres Tuesday, December 1, at 8 PM (ET/PT)
    This hour-long special tells the amazing story of a transgendered couple-the wife, a male-to-female and the husband, a female-to-male transgender-expecting a baby under the most unusual of circumstances. In spite of ongoing hormone treatments, the male-to-female transgender wife managed to impregnate the husband, a female-to-male transgender-and Discovery Health's cameras capture the couple throughout the pregnancy leading up to the birth of their first child.

    Two hermaphrodites had a baby.
    They gave birth of a healthy baby boy.
    However the baby boy and both parents carry the genetic trait.

  16. It's on Discovery health. I think this is the deal. Emily started out a man and has not made the "full" transformation. If you know what I mean. Cai started out a girl and has also not made the "full" transformation. Cai got pregnant accidentally. Both were on hormones to change themselves and Cai didn't know he was pregnant for 7 months.

  17. For beginning to look like girl, person must get ijections of estrogen. Not testosterone. Where did AJ say about it?
    I see possible hormonal disorders like gynecomastia, but only he, his mother and maybe friends know the causes. It can be anything.
    About a pseduohermaphrodite. Its endocrinology. Did u study endocrinology?
    And "AP was born through incest"..WTF?! Where is it delirious info?

  18. AP is a product of incest. One of his parents carried the genetic trait.

    Did you study genetics?

    These people that nothing is wrong with them because it is legal to marry your cousin in different parts of the world and also in some states within America.

    If you study genetics, you know that people who carry the same genes SHOULDN'T HAVE CHILDREN!

  19. These people believe that nothing is wrong with them because it is legal to marry your cousin in different parts of the world and also in some states within America.

  20. Just because it's legal doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

    After they decide to marry their cousin (or some other family members) it is required that they take a class on genetics.

    In this class they are educated about having children born with defects.

  21. Born deformed
    With major defects
    and this includes hermaphrodites and pseudohermaphrodites

  22. Did you study genetics? (c)
    I did)))
    Prove me that "One of his parents carried the genetic trait.". Show me fotos with this trait, mayby some data from medical cards.
    Sorry, dude, but until I see just an empty words without confirmation. Or you are familiar with his parents in person?

  23. Julia,

    Please stop what you are doing to read these post again:

    All the information you need has been published already.

  24. Are you kidding? This is general information. You diagnose a complicated disorder like hermaphroditism based on a photo and article? Sorry, for me as a doctor its unethical and unprofessional.
    Good luck.

  25. As a doctor, you are unable to share the real truth about these hermaphrodites because of the patients right act - be real.

  26. Julia,

    Here's a personal story for you: I have a friend that lives in Washington D.C., when we were younger (Junior High School), she told me that she was in love with her cousin and that they kiss and hugg and play under the covers.

    We had a sex education class in school and this friend went to share her story with the sex education teacher.

    After we graduated from High School and College, this friend continued to date her cousin but this time around they had sex.

    Two years ago my friend became pregnant and lost their baby. She met with a genetic counselor recently because she want to marry her cousin (who is currently in jail).

    In DC, it is legal to marry your cousin. If you decide to marry and speak of children, you are required to take a genetic course. As a doctor, you should know this.


  28. Wow. Claims that being intersexed is a cause of an incestuous relationship is such a joke. The bias is obvious, and I completely agree with Julia. What is with all these "anonymous" insisting that being intersexed is the product of incest? What about the intersexed condition of progestin induced virilization? That is completely unrelated to genetics, but caused by progestin (a drug used in the 50s to prevent miscarriages.)

    Seriously, if you want to know about the intersex condition, it is best to look at established and verified research, something that this blog is not.

    Really, people, incest obviously isn't a good thing, but being intersexed does not mean you are the product of an incestuous relationship.

    If you believe everything you read on this blog with out doing your own research, than you are clearly a mindless sheep.

  29. ^^^Ppl are entitled to read what the fvck they wanna read! Do your own research or shut the heck up. I've researched everything the moderator has claimed for myself and it all checks out! You must be a damn hermaphrodite yo damn self or have a couple of family members that are! That's why ur so upset about the subject matter.

  30. i find it offensive the number of people who say that hermaphrodism is cause by inbreeding. this is not the case. it can be caused by a number of things, including complications during pregnancy in which a male fetas is not exposed to enough testosterone (due to resistance or another factor such as stress on the mother) which is a requirement for proper male development. without the testosterone the male fetus turns to the default genetic development, which is that of a female, hence the baby has both male and female parts. and to all you ignorants out there, the rate of birth defects in children born to cousin parents is 4.6% - which is exactly the same as the rate of defects in infants born to women over 40. get your facts right before you judge people you don't know.

  31. ^^^

    Wow, you're a douche. I don't mean to sound so uneducated, but that's the truth of it.

    I'm assuming you are all some form of religious nuts? And if that's the case, what happened to your god being all-loving? You need to read the bible - if Cain and Able were born by Adam and Eve, and we are all decedents from them, then how do you think more humans were created? Therefore, according to the bible, incest had to happen somewhere, and yet we're not hermaphrodites.

    Go figure.

  32. And if websites prove conclusive proof then go check out wikipedia:

    "According to Sandra Bem, androgynous men and women are more flexible and more mentally healthy than either masculine or feminine individuals"

    Because, of course, everything you read on the internet is pure how can any articles contradict each other?

    I'm hoping you understand sarcasm.

  33. HAHAHA! Just saw "BOTH MALE AND FEMALE GENE TAILS." I think you mean genitalia you uneducated moron.

  34. @10:18

    Hell no I don't read that fake azz Bible! That whole damn book was stolen from the ancient Sumerian doctrines! Written by gay faggot ass Romans that stayed invading the motherland because of the RIGHTKNOWLEDGE AND PRECIOUS MINERALS THAT IT POSSESSED!! THE HELL WITH U AND UR STOLEN LEGACY!

  35. Wow. This is the most idiotic, obnoxious and ignorant blog I have ever come across. The fact that you're allowed to put this kind of homophobic hateful crap out for people to see makes me ill. Ugh. People like you are what's wrong with the world. Seriously.

  36. ^^bitch don't come the fuck back then!

  37. Double wow. I didn't realize someone could be this ignorant and still walk and talk. Misinformed, badly-written, phobic, unintelligent and more than a little zealous. Incest causes hermaphrodites?? I can't stop laughing. There are no words in the English language to sum up the type of creature that you are. I truly, truly feel saddened for you. (Are you just angry because your mum and her brother are your parents? Or is it that your willy is so tiny you can't determine yourself whether you're male or female?)

  38. OMG hermaphrodites are caused by incest. Where the hell did that come from?!? It's not F*cking possible! It took me 30 seconds to look that up on LexisNexis. OMG you people are so stupid. I guess even monkeys can type, so...

    Anyways: someone please explain to me how two zygotes, one one female, fusing to cause a tetragametic chimera and resulting in a true hermaphrodite, can be caused by incest? I'll give you a hint: It can't. And if you think it can then you're an imbecile, lazy and misinformed, or have an agenda. Or any combination thereof.

    Doctors, back me up please.

  39. Rage Typo:

    *One male, one female


  41. When I read this page I kind of feel sorry for you, because I have no idea how someone living in the 21st century can be this stupid. Transgender offspring are in no way the product of incest. Here’s a fun fact for you: one in 1000 children are born clinically intersexed. The current world population is 6,775,235,700, which means there are roughly 6,775,235 intersex individuals in the world. That’s an awful lot of apparent ‘incest’ to be taking place without anyone noticing.

    Andrej Pejic’s biological sex is male. His gender is completely separate to this. Gender is a social construction, as distinct from sex, which is a biological occurrence, a physical expression of the genetic or chromosomal characteristics of an individual which often fail to fall within the two restrictive categories of male and female.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever considered getting an education… or even just having a look at Wikipedia. Maybe you’re a bit retarded because your parents are siblings. Maybe someone hit you a little too hard over the head with a bible. In fact, this is probably your way of telling the world that deep down you’re terrified of the fact that shirtless men give you a boner. Either way, Andrej Pejic is beautiful, and the world has accepted him for what he is – so you lose! Keep typing away at your nasty little blog and know that you’re going to die alone, motherfucker.

  42. Yo azz is the one that need to be educated! Did u even bother researching the info here? If not shut da fvck up.

  43. By the way the only mother fucker around here, gave birth to your ass.

  44. WOW a little debate and you turn ignorant

  45. Intersex people are the result from incestual relationship? Thats the most fucked up thing I've ever heard. I know someone who's unfortunate enough to have a child after being raped by her father. And the kid isn't intersex, they only have health problems.
    And no where in this world that allowed you to marry your first cousin, you know the son/daughter of your father's brother.
    I think its no use for me to say anything cuz you wouldn't know the truth when its punched your face. Do you know karma? Ever think about that you have big chance to have intersex child? I think you'll be a parent that will jump up on the first chance to do genital surgery once you find out. Bless your kids.

  46. "I know someone who's unfortunate enough to have a child after being raped by her father. And the kid isn't intersex, they only have health problems."

    If this person decides to have a child, chances are the child will have a intersex child. If you know and understand the flows of genetics, then this blog will ring true to you!

  47. Or you just trying to make your opinion acceptable. What are you? Doctor? Scientist? What happen if you have intersex kid? Are you gonna blame your parent? Your spouse? Or even blame your God? Remember that an intersex baby was born in every 1000 births. Don't be too cocky, it could be yours.

  48. This blog should be closed IMMEDIATELY! I love freedom of expressing thougths but I despise hatred, racism and intolerance (that are, by the way, prosecuted by law, too).
    Fortunately I do not know the crazy and indecent mind behind this all but what I see is that it's spreading misinformation, hate, intolerance and ignorance too (hermaphrodytes result from incest????? WTF, inform yourself before opening your trap). People like this blogger are the cancer of society.

  49. @8:45

    Why is it that every time someone expose truth, ppl like u want to call it hate. Read a book on the subject before u go off the deep end on the subject matter. I'm telling everybody that listens about this blog!

  50. haha you should go read a book yourself before you tell others to, from this conversation I can tell they've read much more than you have

  51. I'm very well read! Also, I'm in the medical field. Have two INTERSEXE/HERMAPHRODITES clients.

  52. I just thought I should clear up something; Andrej Pejic isn't actually a hermaphrodite. I don't know why people keep saying that he is. He's completely a male, he is simply androgynous.

  53. He's biologically a male but he is currently taking hormons.

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  57. Hermaphroditism is not a result of incest

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