Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chaz Bono

After spending 12 years together, the transgendered daughter of singer Cher and his girlfriend Jennifer Elia decided to part ways and as a result, the duo called off their engagement. Click here for more.


  1. "Chaz Bono got turned into a man, dear.

    Dancin' with a woman on TV.

    You might say there's no such thing as Santa,

    Till you see what Chaz got 'neath his tree."

    "Chastity was once a cute girl,

    On her parents' TV show.

    Then she stunned the whole dang nation,

    When she said her girl parts had to go.

    Now transgenders in the Bay State,

    Have a law that's etched in black.

    It says they can change their gender.

    Then if they want, they can change it back.

    Chaz Bono got turned into a man, dear.

    Cher don't care but Sonny, he would grieve.

    Now in Mass., some guy who's born as Adam,

    Can change his moniker to Christmas Eve."


  3. After Chastity transitioned into a man, i just knew this relationship wouldn't last.

    Chaz is no longer the soft women that Elia enjoyed. The documentary becoming Chaz was also a clear sign that the relationship was over.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that chasity's beard I on her neck and not on s/his chin & cheeks where it's supposed to be. Also her eyes have changed! They used to be normal but now dey have a down syndromey, mongoliod look to them! Her chromosomes are being screwed with. I bet Chaz or what ever she calling her damn self is going to expire soon. She DO NOT APPEAR HEALTHY!

  5. Is on her neck ....typo

  6. Why would somebody do this to themselves?? Makes my skin crawl!

  7. Those testosterone injections make Chaz moody, confused and possibly violent. Extra doses of male hormones will do that..12:02-it's as if Chaz's face is expanding---notice the main chin is almost gone? Destroying your feminine parts come with terrible side effects. I guess Chaz's chick decided that if she's gonna be with a moody, aggressive gorilla she may as well get a real man. LOL--This whole ordeal reminds me of a South Park episode..

  8. I don't blame homegirl for bouncin'--couldn't imagine laying next to that freakazoid monstrosity!