Sunday, January 15, 2012

Incest In Africa

In Africa, 18 year old Sidonie is coping with random rape sessions with her uncle, withholding secrets from their family and having to care for "his" child. The subject of incest give birth to secrets and when a child is born, these secrets are again swept under the soul of the burden carriers. In a article published on the Radio Netherlands website, 18 year old Sidonie is coming to grips with her secrets and finally decides to open up during a group session with other victims of incest. She states, "How could I stay focused at school, knowing what I had to face once I get home? Throughout the day, every time I thought about what my uncle would force me to do in the evening, I lost my joie de vivre...I wish that all victims of this horrible practice would report the perpetrators so that they are severely punished". Story Continues...

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  1. At some point, this girl agreed to engage in sex with her uncle after he agreed to pay for her education. Now that she went public with her story and if the child was born as a hermaphroditeee, some wealthy family in Hollywood will offer to pay to raise this child as one of their own.