Friday, May 18, 2012

Update: Jenna Talackova

Yesterday, Hermaphrodite contestant Jenna Talackova graced the stage wearing a white bikini at the Miss Universe Canada competition. Originally, the aspiring supermodel was disqualified by businessman Donald Trump after it was revealed that Jenna was born a male - who underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a female at age 19. The Miss Universe Canada competition is being held in Toronto. For more, click here.


  1. I agree that incest is wrong and if not morally leads to physical defects in children born from it. However your gross over misuse of the term "hermaphrodite" is shocking!!! lol this 'woman' is a transsexual having transitioned from male to female. The condition 'she' would have suffered is gender dysphoria and is generally classed as a psychological issue where an individual will feel they are born the wrong sex. This 'woman' Jenna having not underwent hormonal treatment or surgery would undoubtedly looked very much male if nature had run it's course. This is NOT a hermaphrodite!!!!! you absolute moron!

  2. I agree the term as I understand it has been grossly misused to classify a natural physical occurrence (anomaly) with more of what seems to be lifestyle choices based on sexual preferences or feelings. I truly feel for the parents and children that have both organs and are forced (by nature) to make a choice.