Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hermaphrodite: M.C.

The foster parents of a eight year old "True Hermaphrodite" is headed to court. The duo has filed suit against the South Carolina Department of Social Services and two local hospitals, with claims that they violated the child's rights after doctors removed the child's male genitalia, at six months.

According to online reports:

Doctors referred to M.C. as a “true hermaphrodite,” and while the child was in the care of the South Carolina Department of Social Services, doctors, in cooperation with social services employees, decided to surgically remove M.C.’s male genitalia. According to the complaint, the child, now 8 years old, has shown signs of developing a male gender and identifies himself as a boy...According to the lawsuit, filed in both state and federal court, the State of South Carolina violated M.C.’s constitutional rights when doctors surgically removed his phallus while he was in foster care, potentially sterilizing him and greatly reducing, if not eliminating, his sexual function.

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