Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beyonce or the androgyne Fierce Sasha?

Is this a picture of Beyonce looking into the mirror and staring at a picture of herself, or is this Beyonce staring at an image of "Sasha"? If you look closely, the mole is positioned on the opposite side and Beyonce lacks one. The mirror image is more androgynous.

Beyonce copied many females throughout her career and now she's copying her own kind; IMAN and David Bowie (Leotard and high heels). If you head over to HOB, i've always stated that Beyonce copied from the artist who performed during the 20's and throughout the 70's. Browse through Imani's modeling catalog and book, you will uncover the additional photos, that Beyonce copied. After this discovery, she'll release a statement, claiming to be inspired by "IMAN". Why are people still supporting a copy cat? Now, Ciara is copying the copy unoriginal..

Are you really paying attention?

Beyonce's Gender Bending Rules:

"“If I Were A Boy” the single off her latest album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, has a take on male and female gender roles that is presented as wish fulfillment but is actually closer to today’s realities than Beyonce seems to understand. The first-person song describes a woman who wishes she were a boy for a day, to experience relationships with the emotional freedoms of men. What follows is a listing of traditionally masculine activities (drink beer with the guys, chase after girls) and attitudes (kick it with who I wanted), that are supposedly male. She further pushes these old school gender roles with a video that shows a woman working late, flirting with co-workers and being callous about her man’s feelings. The secret, head-scratching gimmick of the video is supposed to come when the actors change roles near the end. Women doing men’s work? Women sleeping with whoever they please and being unfaithful? Women “doing them” not matter how those actions affect their partners? “Ooooooo, so ED-GYYY!” Say it with me folks: “Not!” Edgy would have been to expose women as equal perpetrators in lust and love."

Beyonce told FF, “I love being able to run in Central Park. Just me and my trainer. I dress up like a boy and then no-one knows it’s me. I just keep moving.”


  1. u people are retarded. how do u figure this bullshit?

  2. Beyonce looks just like a freaking man in the videos

  3. I did my own research since discovering this amazing blog and the word Bey which is the first 3 letters means Lord, Sir or Master in several European languages, the rest of name spells once. Things that make you go hmmmmm. Lol.

  4. My bad Bey is the first three letters of Beyonces name. ( I posted the above comment.

  5. They're supposedly building a "Beyonce" monument in Houston I heard. I'm beginning to think this harlot he/she thing could be the anti-christ of something to that effect. She is 'destiny's child'.

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  7. no way is Beyonce a man she is to sexy and no man can move the way she does maybe a lost soul but not a man