Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Androgynous Lover "Marilyn" Reveals The Truth...

With a happy marriage, two beautiful children and a romance that’s lasted more than 13 years, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have one of rock ’n’ roll’s most stable relationships. But Gavin wasn’t always the perfect family man he is today. Back in the ’80s, he was a wild child who wore black lipstick and partied until all hours at London’s underground clubs. And the most important relationship of his life may have been with another androgynous, hard-partying man. As In Touch has learned, Gavin had a long-standing secret love affair with Marilyn — a male rocker who looked remarkably like Gwen. “He was the love of my life,” Marilyn tells In Touch.

Though Boy George broke the news of Gavin, 43, and Marilyn’s tumultuous romance in his 1995 book, Take It Like a Man, Gavin denied it, stating, “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends.” At the time, Marilyn denied the affair, as well. But today he says he did it only because Gavin asked him to. “He was just becoming successful in America,” Marilyn explains. “I agreed to lie against every grain of my being.” Now, Marilyn wants to set the record straight. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, the British pop icon details the love affair that spanned the early ’80s. “We were together five years,” Marilyn says. “But it felt like 40.” (Gavin’s rep denies the story.)

Story Continues...

Melbourne, Apr 23 (ANI): Gwen Stefani’s married life has run into trouble following claims that her husband Gavin Rossdale had an affair with cross-dressing male singer Marilyn.

According to gossip website Bitten and Bound, Marilyn, born Peter Robinson, has revealed that he was involved with Rossdale for five years before he married Stefani.

In 1995, Boy George’s biography, “Take It Like a Man,” had revealed that cross-dressing singer and the Bush frontman had been lovers in the 80s.
The hermaphrodites (or androgynous) were known to party "hard" at these underground clubs. In order to gain access (in the 80's), a "password was required"! These were the children of parents (birthed through incest) who were well known throughout Hollywood. These clubs still exist, they are now labeled as the tier vip. To gain access, a person must send you an anonymous invite (think "Eyes Wide Shut"). There are many celebrities who will never admit that they are androgynous (or that they have children). The "Chacon" family changed their name, and to date, their offsprings are entertaining us. They are performing under different names.

Think about this, "Why are there so many Puerto Rican’s living in New York"?
And this, "Why are there so many Puerto Rican's in the industry. Appearing as white and or black"?

If you only knew the real truth!

To add, Gavin Rossdale was married to Pearl Lowe. Pearl Lowe wrote a autobiolgraphy in 2007 titled, 'All That Glitters'. In this she discussed living on the dark side of rock and roll. As the lead singer of 1990s Britpop bands Powder and Lodger, Lowe was at the centre of a racy set. The 'NME' called her and her partner, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, "the Posh and Becks of the indie world". Partying with the likes of Kate Moss, Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Liam Gallagher led to a cocaine and heroin addiction for Lowe, who eventually got clean and moved to the country. They had a daughter name "Daisy Lowe" who is currently into modeling.


  1. The media knew of his past in the UK. I am sure Boy George has more pictures to share! Especially when he looked more like a fe-MALE. He took those pills too!

  2. I wonder if Gwen found out after she gave birth to her last child. Being born as a hermaphrodite is hereditary!

    Gavin had a daughter by Pearl Lowe. Pearl and Lowe are related. The daughter is just as wild as her father was (in the 80's).

    Boy George career failed while everyone else started to take their hormone pills and headed to american to mislead americans.

    Read Boy George's book! Plus watch the video clip titled, "Whatever happened to the gender benders".

    The gender bending (well known "celebrity" hermaphrodites) society was well known in the UK. Most are still entertaining us in the U.S.A.

  3. When I looked at the video of Iris Chacon, I was saying to myself that she looks just like a man in the face. She has a nice body though, but so does Beyonce. But Ms Chacon really looks hard in the face!

    What I want to know is what does alot of Puerto Ricans living in New York have to do with the Chacon Family? Can you please expound on this, its very interesting.

    I often wondered who is Enrique Ingleses' mother (I know I mispelled it). And have anyone else noticed that as soon as these young celebrities blow up, their parents always end up divorcing. Example, Venus & Serena's parents (supposed parents), Tiger Woods, (His Asian mother wanted to distance herself from Nubian ppl after his Nubian father help him become one of the most famous golfers of our time. The father also took her dirty ass from the streets cleaned that bitch up and gave her a fukking life. How dare she. He probably met her while serving in the service over there. The trick probably was a damn postitute}, Britney Spear's parents, Lindsey Lohan's parents, Whitney Houstan's parents. All I can say is, Hollywood destroys families.

  4. To be complete honest with you @7:36am, many of these well known celebrities (and their arranged parents) worked in the red light district in Amsterdam.

    Did you notice how many celebrities pulled out their stripper roots during the month of march?

    There are Puerto Ricans living all around the world, but most have migrated to New York City (The Bronx). Jlo and Jay-Z have claimed their hometown as Brooklyn. Biggie's mother was Jamaican and Puffy's mother is Jamaican. They adapt so well with the Puerto Ricans. I think puffy and biggie family is from Spanish town Jamaica, just like Grace Jones and his family.

    I think Tiger Woods mother carried Tiger's last child (his son). His wife didn't look like she just had a baby and no one knew that she was pregnant. Then, they appeared and the wife didn't look pregnant but the mother sure looked like she just had a baby.

    The mother look like an eunuch who ran away from china.

  5. Hollywood is filled with families who are already "destroyed"!

    They were born with this trait and it's hereditary. Now they have everyone around the world dressing like the androgynous (that's if you fell for the images that were sold in these fashion and hip hop magazines).

  6. I ran across an article the other day, that talked about Ben Affleck daughter still wearing diapers at age 3. Just pay attention to these celebrity kids.

    Chilli from the group "TLC" has a son. Her son is reaching puberty and he look just like a GIRL! Think about it..

    She will hide him out soon or opt for surgery or the pill (because he was introduced as a boy).

    Pay attention!
    Real Talk!

  7. Now watch how fast the pictures of "Gavin" disappear! I know george has a bunch of them! If i was him, i would sell to the highest bidder. His career did sail off, like these other hermaphrodites! In the end, Boy George was honest! He told the truth and i bet he has more to share. He was there and attended those underground clubs in the UK (especially)! Like the mod said, JUST BE HONEST!

    Walking around here talking about "I am gay" or "I am a lesbian". I guess they had to find another word to define the gender bends!


  8. re: 1:11PM's comment,

    I just checked out a pic of Chilli's son... he DOES look like a girl! Wow. I never really paid attention this side of Hollywood as it relates to the black celebrities... My eyes are wide open now.

  9. It's not just black celebrities kids. Pay attention to one of Britney Spears "Sons". One was born as a true hermaphrodite and Gwen Stafani and Angelina Jolie.

    Britney Spears mother and father are related! They are first cousins!

    Gwen is not tripping of her husband past life because she married her own kind. She was also birthed through an incestuous relationship.

    Wait until these children hit puberty.

  10. I know exactly what son your talking about of Britney Spears! One of them looks just like a little girl. He/she is adorable. But what does K-Fed have to say about all of this. Is this why he had no problem divorcing her ass. Because when I was watching a documentary about them, they was saying that Kevin was never really all up on Brit. Brit's azz persued him.

    This is all coming into focus. Britney Spears was rared in Disney. It is a well known fact that Walt Disney was a known pedophile and satanist. Christine Agulieria, Justin Timberlake and a slew of other so-called young hot celebs were part of the trauma based mind control programming that takes place at Disney.

    Do research on THE MONTAUK PROJECT. This shyt gets deeper and deeper. We are living in a Matrix. The world we live in now is merely a delusion that has been projected by the sadistic controllers of the planet. Until humanity wakes the heck up and take their true position in the BOUNDLESS UNIVERSE, we will be trapped in this nightmare of an existance. We must get back to our Galactic Family. I know that most of what I post sound like a bunch of Science fiction, but you must understand that that is what the devil wants it to sound like. They want to keep us here with their ass because they can not elevate to a higher spiritual plane. WAKE UP PEOPLE THE HOUR GLASS IS ALMOST EMPTY.

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