Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hermaphrodite Ciara?

Ciara reveals her Goodies
By Nolan Strong,

"I am gay." These were the words recording artist Ciara spoke Wednesday night to millions viewers on BET’s 106 and Park in a precedent-setting event for cable television.

Ciara’s "coming out" as a lesbian would have been difficult on its own. But also having to admit that she is really a he on national television was cause for celebration among the gay and lesbian community. No major pop singer has ever come out as a transvestite to viewers explicitly after already releasing an album.

The event brings to the spotlight questions about just how far gays and lesbians have been accepted into mainstream society, specifically hip hop culture. People are divided as to what this event means for gay and lesbian individuals as well as for the community at large.

However, as in any controversial issue, there are differing opinions.

"Tonight it's homosexuality, next its tranvestites, tomorrow it's something else," said Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, President and CEO of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, in an interview with

The goal for many gays and lesbians is creating awareness about the reality of their identity and lifestyle.
The internet is buzzing about this one! It has been heavily discussed that Ciara was born as a hermaphrodite and went through the gender reassignment process. Her ex-boyfriend Bow-Bow stated that Ciara is all wo-man. Well, Mr. Bow-Bow was caught in a lie recently. He went on record to share his love and affection towards "Angela Simmons". This was following stories that linked him to another hermaphrodite! Angela squashed Bow-Bow's lies through her personal blog, she's currently seeing someone and it's not Bow-Bow!

If Ciara was born as a boy, she was given a "male" name. Following the gender reassignment process, then she registered as a female. There are more hermaphrodites living in Atlanta than Vegas!


  1. Ciara has feet just like a man!

  2. sometimes she look like a hermaphrodite and sometimes she dont!

  3. Is Tranny a nickname for those who transform? Transition from boy to girl?

  4. Bye on this dumb shit

  5. I hear 50 Cent like hermaphrodites too!

  6. She has feet and hands just like a MAN!

    Ciara "Princess" Harris? They should've named him "PRINCE"!

    Is she related to Tip Harris or DA BRAT? Her name is Shawntae Harris and not "raye" like her sister Lisa Raye? That's quite odd!

  7. How come there are no pictures of these celebrities between the age of 7 - 13? Where are Ciara pictures? I am almost positive her crew will released a few computer enhanced photos of a family member that resembled her as a child. Beyonce's crew is guilty of doing the same thing. They placed her in the group "destiny child" while she was going through the gender reassignment process -- taking those pills. It's the same thing they did to Fergie when she was with the group "Wild Orchid".

    They sure did learn from the Michael J experience --- not to reveal too much (family photos)?

  8. Ciara looks just like a man in the face. It's something that it was said, as soon as she came out that she was a hemaphrodite. At first I did not notice how much of a man she resembles. Then I started really taking a good look at her, and Waala, I can see a man. Beyonce on the other hand looks nothing like a man. She probably has alot more estrogen in her system than testosteron. Being of Dual natures probably makes it easier for them to be possessed during their rituals. Those spirits that are conjured up when they go on their "eyes wide shut" ceremonies more then likely have male and female energies. Black Devils are the most fierce devils. What people need to understand is, the Nubian man has been existing on this planet for millions of years! All the oldest bones ever found where in Afica which was Proven to be the bones of Nubian Women!! The Bones of Lucy 4 million years old, The kenyaloupothis 7 millions years old. This goes to show that the story of so called Adam and Eve is false. Because according to the Bible they only date back 49,000 years ago. Therefore, it must to have been ppl existing on this planet before them. The Adam/Eve that they are referring to is the graftation of the pale man. What the Elders was trying to do is breed the evil out of the original man and the result is THE WHITE MAN. This is why he can kill, murder, mame, steal, destroy and rape people without remorse. However you have these demonic black entertainers, who are nothing more then the reincarnation of the Nephilium (Giants in the earth) that once roamed the earth long ago. If you read Genesis, it tells you that when these wicked beings descended down on earth they took all the women that they saw was beautiful, married them and had off springs. Well folks YOUR LOOKING AT THEIR DESCENDANTS ON TELEVISION EVERYDAY!!!!! Does Sasha Fierce ring a bell?

  9. "Beyonce on the other hand looks nothing like a man. She probably has a lot more estrogen in her system than testosterone."

    Take off Beyonce's wig...
    Take off Beyonce's make-up...
    Take off Beyonce's butt pads...
    Remove Beyonce's hip pads...
    Take off Beyonce's high heels...
    Remove all of the fancy clothes from her closet..

    Waaaala - And there's your boy!

    She's taking those pills and that's why her skins is glowing. She stands just like a pigeon.


  11. You can count on hand how many pictures there is of Beyonce as a child. No pictures exist of Beyonce being held by her grandmother or mother, as an infant. We all are aware that she's lying about her age. The only pictures or fuzzy videos that were shown was of beyonce after the age of 13, but she looked like a very grown 13. Was she really 13 and 21?

  12. "Those spirits that are conjured up when they go on their "eyes wide shut" ceremonies more then likely have male and female energies."

    It's easy to possess those birthed through incestuous relationships because the union itself is wrong and nothing good will come out of it!

    They are trying to prove that good talent will come out of it. For example, if Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson have a child together, both can sing right? But they child will be born with two gene tails and the family has enough money to pay for the gender reassignment process. It's all about the "talent" and keeping money in the family.

  13. Okay I agree with the fact that they want to keep the wealth in the family, however there is a more sinister plot to this shyt. And I would also like to say that because Beyonce has a deep voice doesnt mean she must be a man, because I have a few females in my family with deep voices. It's heredity. I am not disputing anything you are saying but there are some traits that these ppl have that can be attributed to people w/o this disorder. What I would like to know is what exactly takes place during a gender reassignment surgery? When they circumcise these females how do they make the vaginal canal wide enough to bear children? Also are these women's hips able to expand to deliver a child vaginally? Because I dont see any birthing scars that would suggest that the had abdominal births.

  14. What pills is she taking because I'm possibly an intersexual with a deep voice at times.I say possibly because I'm waiting on medical records to prove otherwise and if those pills are supposed to lighten your voice then I may need some and why hasn't it worked for her!

  15. Beyonce has a way of hiding her scars. She gave birth at an early age, she grew into her scars! Just like Beyonce had her breast implants inserted under her underarms. There's a way to hide the truth, trust me. That's one of the perks of being a celebrity.

    How did that androgynous pregnant man give birth? His or her experience was documented.

  16. Beyonce attends speech therapy session! Her so-called mother called it "acting lessons" when she was younger. We know she can't act and we know that she can't form a complete sentence so where was she really headed to? The clinic for intersexuals in LA!

  17. Where are your sources for the 1st paragraph. I can't find any supporting info for this interview on BET. I am a very open minded person and know a lot about the corrupt practices and behaviors in Hollywood, etc. but marking everyone as hermaphrodite with no supporting evidence doesn't help the cause in waking ppl up. Please provide sources! Thanks.

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  20. I don't care what gender she was she is fucking gorgeous
    Either way it goes

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