Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tilda Swinton: A Hermaphrodite?

Sally Potter's Orlando (1992), with the luminously hermaphrodite Tilda Swinton, is a visual feast and catches the novel's playful spirit - with the added bonus of Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth, a role he was born to play. 1997's Mrs Dalloway is less visually inventive, but a faithful and rich adaptation nonetheless.
I think the very first time I noticed Tilda Swinton was when I seen Constantine and she played the Angel Gabriel with such androgynous aplomb that when I asked my friend “Who is that guy? He’s really good” and he replied “Dude, that’s Tilda Swinton”, I still wasn’t aware that I was looking at a female.

Afterwards I remembered that she was the total bitch from The Beach who tried to shoot Leo, and then she was super scary in The Chronicles Of Narnia, and also wasn’t a very nice person in Michael Clayton (for which she won an Oscar) and Burn After Reading. So far, so typical. She plays bitches, usually very strong, unemotional bitches.
Best Week Ever

I don’t subscribe to Italian magazines, so I missed that Tilda Swinton posed for L’Uomo Vogue last month. Oh boy. Literally. She’s a small boy. What do you think she’s trying to tell us with that piercing, chilly gaze of hers?


  1. There is no mistaken that this is a man. Why is Hollywood so obessed with hemorphrodites?? I know it has alot to do with the dualality in genders, but if they consider that the so callled best of both worlds, why do they bother going through gender reasignments? This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder. This women/man appears very evil by nature.

  2. Hermaphrodites are crashing hollywood. At first it was actors and the actress now it's rappers and video vixens.

    Kelly Rowland was onced interviewed revealing that she's the only "singer" in her entire family. I thought, well where did the "gene" come from?

    You can tell that her biological mother was born as a hermaphrodite. She look way too manly!

    C'mon now, queen latifah and Mahalia Jackson? This shit is so weird and true!

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