Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Judy Garland

The idea of gender androgyny expressing homosexuality, or being appealing to homosexual people, is deeply ingrained in straight and gay consciousness alike. Thus although did not express "sexual androgyny' (in the sense of homosexuality), it was enough that she so regularly expressed "gender androgyny". One of Garland's most popular records (of a song never used in her films) is "In-Between". In this she be moans, comically, her status as an "in-Between"...

Judy Garland's In Between Lyrics:

Fifteen thousand times a day
I hear a voice within me say
Hide yourself behind the screen
You shouldn't be heard, you shouldn't be seen
You're just an awful in between

That's what I am and in between
It's just like small pox quarantine
I can't do this, I can't go there
I'm just a circle in a square
I don't fit in anywhere

I"m past the stage of dull and carriage
I'm not the age to think of marriage
I'm too old for toys and I'm too young for boys
I'm just an in between

I'm not a child or children bore me
I'm not grown up, grown ups ignore me
And in every sense I'm just on a fence
I'm just an in between

I'll be glad when momma let's me go to dances
And have romances
I'll be glad to have a party dress that boys will adore
A dress that touches the floor

I'm sick and tired of bedtime story
I'm so inspired by love and glories
But I guess it's no use, I still get mother goose
I'm just an in between

I'm allow to go to pictures shows
That is if nurse is feeling able
But we only go to Mickey Mouse
I'm not allowed Clarke Gable

It's such an imposition
For a girl who's got ambition
To be an in between

My dad says I should bother more
About my lack of grammar
Huh, the only thing that bothers me
Is my lack of glamor

Why if I could use a lipstick and a powder pop
Who knows I might be [Incomprehensible] in the rough
Instead of in between

I'll be glad when uncle Jim can't call me precious child
That simply drives me wild
I'll be glad to have a date that doesn't grow on a trees
A date that's not history

I'll be so glad when I have [Incomprehensible]
All by myself, I get so lonesome
And I hope and pray for the day when I'll be sweet sixteen
Then I won't have to be an in between

Judy Garland
June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969

Judy Garland was a star of stage, screen and a record through a career that spanned 45 of her 47 years. Starting out on vaudeville with her sister act, The Gumm Sisters (she was born Francis Gumm), would go on to win an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, an Emmy and several Grammys. Best known for her iconic role as Dorothy in 1939’s The Wizard Of Oz, Garland also wowed audiences with her standing-room-only concert performances. She was considered by many to be the greatest female entertainer the US had ever produced. Despite her years of success and respect, Garland lived in a personal hell, no thanks in part to studio executives who told her she was too fat or unattractive. That lead to an addiction to weight loss pills and other drugs. Garland also suffered through financial troubles, often owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. She reportedly attempted suicide on more than one occasion but finally succumbed to an accidental overdose of barbiturates on June 22, 1969, leaving behind two daughters, Lorna Luft and Liza Minnelli, as well as son, Joey Luft.
Who did Michael Jackson hang out with in the 80's? Hermaphrodites! The real reason behind Michael's hatred towards his...Joe Jackson is deeper than we were lead to believe. Incest? What really went on inside the Jackson's household? Can someone reveal the truth and stop hiding behind their celebrity status?

Who did Liza Minnelli marry in 2002? A Hermaphrodite!

They marry your own kind!

Oh - This part right here reminds me...of the life of Beyonce Knowles..

"My dad says I should bother more
About my lack of grammar
Huh, the only thing that bothers me
Is my lack of glamor"


  1. The last couple of lines are hilarious, but so true in regards to Beyonce.I also think marrying your own kind isn't such a bad idea, being that they probably understand each other a whole lot better than any other gender can. P.S. I love this site!

  2. I am really intrigued by all this information. I believe alot of this to be very true. I would like to take this a bit further, the 200 angels mentioned in the bible that fell from grace were the Hindus, Black Devils. Alot of them were Hemaphrodites. Look at the pictures of the deities that the Hindu religion worship, they put you in the mind of Prince or the symbol, what ever he calling himself these days. Remember the story of Mose going up in the mountain and when he returned he discovered that his followers had made a graven image of a golden calf, well this was the Hindu faith that they started following. The Hindus consider the cow very sacred. Also there is a ritual tht they call the Karma Sutra which entails all kinds of illicit sex acts even with animals. Basically it is done to create sexual magick because it opens up your Chakras and thats when the demons can enter your body. Now the Fraternal order called the Black Boule have a gathering in Atlanta, Ga where they meet every 2 years and they have orgies where anything goes it is the same shyt. But please answer this, how is it possible for them to continue to reproduce with each other and their sex organs are all screwed up? It would seem to me that all the marrying your own kind shyt would eventually make it impossible for them to have off springs. I know there's different stages in their condition but I was just wondering. Also do the ex-members of Destiny's Child know what Beyonce really is or were they a part of the shyt. Because if homegirl is really 37 years old, and I believe she is, tht would mean tht their azz is that old too. This is probably why Beyounce was taken out of school because they did not want her real age revealed

  3. Where do you think the term woman came,(man with a womb)

    1. NO. See the main thing these trannies and clones as every tranny you see is dead person cloned. Trannies can make cloned babies but they cannot have kids. Look into illuminati and human cloning.

  4. @2:39

    I wish that these so-called celebrities were honest! I am happy that they are marrying their own kind, i am upset that they are lying about their own kind being a straight male or a straight female...then years later the mate does something weird and gay-ish. It upsets me that they are coming out as "Gay" or "Lesbian", when they were born as a hermaphrodite (intersexual)!

    They sell the story of being raised "poor" and disadvantage, when in actuality, their family has money (ex. Tina Turner, Etta James Hawkins and Tina Knowles)!

    When they reach a certain "celebrity" status and their wealth is equivalent to their family history ( to speak) they act out directly and indirectly. They continue to send subliminal messages through their music and performances.

    I don't understand why they are obsessed with having intersexual children! Joe Jackson should be in jail for having sex with his sister or is Catherine his cousin?

    They married each other so they won't testify against each other and if they media decides to interview them, they will deny all allegations.

    It's like their celebrity status has become the new "law".

    Barbara Walters must be apart of the same crew. She interviewed them all but refused to ask if they were relatives. I bet she has some intersexual in her family. She was probably birthed through an incestuous relationship as well.

  5. "But please answer this, how is it possible for them to continue to reproduce with each other and their sex organs are all screwed up?"

    They seek out the ones who has a strong reproductive system. Jay-Z was out meeting Khloe khardashian sister for a reason. He's a intersexual and a foot soldier (now that his wealth has reached a certain level). If you look at the womans (man with a womb) in his videos, they're hermaphrodites! That's why he doesn't mind Beyonce (his arranged wife and family member) to perform with hermaphrodites.

    Jay's bestfriend Ty-Ty has a man womb! He can give birth!

  6. "Also there is a ritual tht they call the Karma Sutra which entails all kinds of illicit sex acts even with animals. Basically it is done to create sexual magick because it opens up your Chakras and thats when the demons can enter your body."

    I remember when Puffy (P. Diddy) or Sean John whatever his name is, mentioned that he had tantra sex for over 24 hours. I truly believe that he had sex with 36 people for over 24 hours!

    These secret societies has held, "hermaphrodites" up with a high regard! They enjoy having sex with each other family members! Just look at Puffy's mother (prior to fame and many surgeries) and some of his family members. You will be floored!

    They believe that a hermaphrodite born with two genitals are a gift. They don't understand that this results when family members have sex and produce. Many medical conditions can come about when the same or like genes are merged.

    Oprah has some hermaphrodites in her family that's why she won't discuss the root of this problem on her show. I believe Gayle King was born as a hermpahrodite. I just noticed that "Gay" is found in her first name. The signs are everywhere!

  7. "I would like to take this a bit further, the 200 angels mentioned in the bible that fell from grace were the Hindus, Black Devils. A lot of them were Hermaphrodites. Look at the pictures of the deities that the Hindu religion worship, they put you in the mind of Prince or the symbol, whatever he calling himself these days. Remember the story of Moses going up in the mountain and when he returned he discovered that his followers had made a graven image of a golden calf, well this was the Hindu faith that they started following. The Hindus consider the cow very scared."

    I am going to conduct a research on this right here!

    In addition, during the years of slavery, i believe that slavery was "sexual slavery" and being forced to pick cotton was just a cover up! Women (married or not) were raped and gave birth to mixed children. The men who fought against this were hung then they were called a niggers.

    When the children reached a certain age the slave master would request her to work in the big house. The slave master would rape and impregnate his own child. If it was a son, the son was forced to have sex with his sister. The results were children born as a hermaphrodite. Then they blamed our creator for the reason why their children was born with screwed body parts. As a result, secret societies were formed and many began to worship the devil and all evilness.

    This process is still relevant today. It's a form of "contemporary slavery". The white man picks a child born through incest (one of his ancestors) to sponsor. They will offer you money, fame and fancy cars etc. He will also hire you and within the industry he will step up some type of ritual within your music video sets and performances. Then once you're in you are in!

    Just look at all of these so called elite pioneers in Rap and R&B. They are mixed and most of their family members are white (prior generations). Look at Russell Simmons!

    He might show you a picture of his so-called black grandmother or black grandfather, trust me it's just a picture!

    He's drawn women with a lighter skin tone.

  8. It's amazing that "The Wizard of Oz" always come on around the Christmas Holidays.

    Is "Oz" the name of the devil?

    I mean look at the jail show on HBO titled, "OZ"?

    Sodomy was surely glamorized!

    Plus Judy Garland is a gay icon and she always hung around gay men or hermaphrodites!

    All of her children were born through incest!

  9. Why did gail name her son Will Bumpus and daughter Kirby Bumpus? He last name is King right?

  10. Gayle has a strong reproductive system and Oprah doesn't!

  11. I think my need for convo/intellect has been met for the day. Thankyou so much,real talk!

  12. @ April 9, 2009 6:26 PM

    I am seriously researching this subject! Thank you all for paying attention!

  13. The industry is filled with hermaphrodites! There was a rumor circulating that Bow-Bow was gay when he was younger. His first public relationship was with a hermaphrodite (Ciara). Her biological parents "are" related. She was born in a state that legalize marraige amongst family members, then her family relocated to her publicized home state. The Sandrarose website is reporting that Bow-Bow was recently linked to dating a another Transexual (hermaphrodite). While Sandrarose was reporting facts regarding this subject, the media and Bow-Bow camps released a report that Bow-Bow was currently dating Run's daughter! I saw pictures of these two on the internet. He look so not interested! Now, if the evidence began to pile up, he will offer to marry Run's daughter. Another arranged hollywood situation developing...

  14. Snoop is an suspect too, he mentored Bow Wow.
    snoop has been known to hang out with trannies.

  15. Hell yeah Snopp Dog is a Butt-boy. Look who brought him out, the King of Queens himself, Dr. Dre. Remember when Dre first came out he was wearing bouyas (the scarf that looks like feathers) and tight as hell clothing. Then he resurfaced and was all gangster. Yeah right! There is a interview with Tupac in which Pac basically outed Dre. He said "he be bullshitting, we suppose to be working in the studio but he upstair eating pussy or sucking a dick". To learn more about this go on youtube and look up vlogger named 1619 symphony. You will get alot of info about the Black Boule. Also is anyone paying attention. What the heck happened to Bernie Mac because I am not buying that Scarsadosis (or how ever you spell it) bullshyt. I Think he was trying to defect also and they poisoned him. Just like they did EasyE. What you need to understand is once you take an oath to this brotherhood the only way out is DEATH. I guess at some point a real man gets tired of having to go to a function that requires them to stick another man in the behind or be sticked. Also Pimp C was murdered for trying to tell ppl about this sick azz organization.

  16. Did you see pictures of Dr. Dre's wife? They were pictured walking the beach recently. His wife was born as a hermaphrodite. Also, he was pictured at a basketball game sitting right next to a hermaphrodite and this hermaphrodite looked just like him. Easy E was set up. His wife served as the garden tool. She was handpicked to seduce and setup him up. It's odd that she didn't catch AIDS but he did and he died rather QUICKLY!

    I won't even talk about Jay-Z he's truly adores hermaphrodites! He calls them the best of both worlds.

    Tupac knew that Dre liked his wo-man all in one!

  17. I'd like to know what source has enabled you to come to the conclusion that Judy Garland was a hermaphrodite? For your information,the song "In Between" WAS sung (lip-synced) by Judy in the movie "Love Finds Andy Hardy".As for the other comment about her children being born out of incest, I'll say to that person to get his/her? head outta their ass and DO YOUR RESEARCH before running off your mouth about something absolutely untrue!

  18. ^^^^
    Stop getting your panties in a bunch. These so-called celebrities don't give 2 cents about you.

  19. I came upon this Blog site when I was reviewing images of Lorna and Joey Luft. When I read the title "HERMAPHRODITES IN HOLLYWOOD" my initial reaction was that I had stumbled on to a medical research site. Okay, rather a specific site but valid. Then I began to read the Blog and quickly realized that the author obsession with this subject has resulted in this exponentially bloated, off the wall, almost exclusively presumptive and inanely logical pile of drivel.
    If your conclusion that Judy Garland was a hermaphrodite is based primarily on the lyrics to a song she only recorded but did not write,
    you sir or madam are quit simply a fruitcake.
    Check yourself into a room with a view

  20. ^^^^^well if you feel that way don't bring your wordy ass back anymore. Because we're gonna continue to post truth here.

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