Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hermaphrodite: Masika Bermudez??

Just finished browsing through the SandraRose website. The site had a post regarding the 11 year old who takes his own life, after suffering gay taunts at school. I believe this issue is deeper than being taunted as "gay". How do you know that you're gay at age 11? If you look closely at his mother and siblings, they're all of the androgynous kind. I've read through many articles on the internet, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the state's child protective services should investigate "Masika Bermudez" and her mate for having a incestuous relationship.

In an interview, Ms. Bermudez went on to say that,"she had been to Dunaire Elementary School six or seven times to complain about how Jaheem and one of his sisters had been treated, but the problem persisted. Mermudez also stated that, "she's suspicious about why she didn’t receive her son’s notebooks until Monday afternoon. She said she had been told he documented the bullying. "When she finally gave me the book, I was looking for these disturbing things -- and it had torn pages and it has pages cut, like with scissors,” said Bermudez.

Parents always browse through their children's notebook, especially if you are checking their homework on a regular basis. Ms. Maskia Bermudez knew exactly what she was looking for, she was looking for those “disturbing things”, that she stumbled across while browsing through her son’s notebook. It seems as if Ms. Maskia Bermudez has some deep rooted issues and she's definitely hiding something. There's definitely more to this story.

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