Thursday, April 16, 2009

India and the Eunuchs

According to the National Geographic, there are nearly half a million people living in India as a "eunuch". They are not classified as a man nor a woman instead, they are living life under a non-labeled gender.


  1. All that talk about those in India only marrying within their family was merely a statement that stamped the fact that they were marrying each other (incest). A million hermaphrodites living in India? A million and it's hereditary!

  2. Honestly, I think this runs in my family too which is why I like visiting this site so much.In my case, my grandparents had the same last name. Don't know how close to kin they were but obviously a little to close because there are birth defects amongst my immediate family. Including my mom, who happens to be one of their children!

  3. you will always be considered a third sex because you are not the norm. you cannot procreate therefore you are no use to the human race

  4. @5:48 You are so wrong and so bitter.For your information I have two children already so I'm actually not so useless am I and very blessed might I add!

  5. It's not fair to call someone "useless". Most of these children didn't know that their parents were related (until they were old enough to discover this on their own). You can't blame them for the situation they were born in, but you can blame the parents who knew that they were related and had sex anyway and then had a child together.

    These same parents are guility of forcing their children (who were born through incest) to have sex with another family member just because they did!

    It has to stop somewhere!

    It's a shame because when you are born through incest, you carry the trait. If you have a child by another family member many complications can come about.

    @7:10 PM you are very blessed! And very alert and honest in sharing that this exist within your family.

  6. Hermaphrodites weren’t properly introduced into society. The major responsibility falls into the hands of the medical professionals and laws associated with HIPPA. But what excite doctors more? A person looked upon as a science project! If the subject (or human) is born complex, the most experienced and educated doctor who is on the road to receive a Nobel peace prize…will be selected to sort through their complexities. This has taken place for many years, but yet the subject is less discussed and there’s no room for it in society so – they are more acceptable as a lesbian or gay person?