Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This video was posted throughout the blogshere, it's a video of a group of Kathoey children dancing to Beyonce's, "Single Ladies". In hindsight, i wonder if these children were celebrating the signing of SONY's new group, "The Lady-Boys: Venus Flytrap"?

Here's additional information on the Kathoeys:

Many communities accept the third sex, from Thailand, Samoa to American Indians and the Philippines. However different societies treat these groups of people from culture to culture.

Most Kathoey men at an early age were cross dressers. They are not to be confused with homosexuality or the idea of being a transsexual. Cross dressers are people with apparent gender identification with one sex, and who has been birth designated as belonging to one sex, but who wears the clothing of the opposite sex. The reason why people cross dress because dressing this way is connected them to the person they want to be. Though Cross-dressers may not want to be identified with, or want to be the opposite gender, nor adopt the behaviors or practices of the opposite gender.

Throughout their teenage years, Kathoey men are allowed to have medical procedures such as hormone replacement, genital reassignment, Adam’s apple reductions, and breast implants. Some will need hair removal and vocal feminization. Others wear makeup and address themselves with feminine titles such as Mrs., or Ms., while others dress as men.

Kathoey men are identified at a young age, or some are even considered to be born that way. “About five percent of the boys at a Thailand school were openly dressing and expressing themselves as girls” (Totman). Other societies such as the American society would call these human beings transsexuals or even gay, because of the similar meaning to “fairy” or “drag-queens” in the American culture, but the Kathoey lifestyle is more visible and accepted in Thailand.

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  1. this shit is fucking disgusting. first they're boys and now they will be females when they grow up. these are children and some pedophile is watching this shit

  2. The pedophiles are known to "vacation" in Thailand! It's easy for them to pay a hermaphrodite for sex.

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