Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Diagrams of Dual Gene Tails

NOTE: These links are extremely graphic! If you are at work - PLEASE DON'T OPEN!

If you want to know if your girlfriend or boyfriend had a sex change, take a look at these diagrams and compare them to your mates gene tails. Please keep in mind that most of these people grew into their scars, which makes it easy for them to label a "scar" as a birth mark. (BUT you know how an incision look when it has grown in...especially if you had stiches at a young age and grew into your "scars"):

A sketch of the perineum showing the line of primary incision.

The right spermatic cord is clamped and ligated.

The primary incision is continued up the ventral side of the shaft of the penis.

Hermaphrodites: Male to Female and Female to Male
Sex Reassignment Surgery

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