Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Aleshia Brevard

Your jaw drops when you read the sexy, outrageous details of Brevard's life on the edge, made all the more gripping when she puts her story in its larger context. Brevard, now 63, was an effeminate rural Tennessee boy named Alfred who couldn't wait to toss off all male accoutrements and convince the rest of the world of her womanhood. With the help of a friend, Brevard castrated herself because back in the '50s, you couldn't get that kind of service in an American clinic. As she writes, "Stormy made the initial cut, saw blood, and went outside to throw up. In mid-operation, I was left alone on a kitchen table draped with Lysol-scented sheets. I sat up and finished my own castration."

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  1. Wow... Interesting


  2. If a person was born with two gene tails, then they are hermaphrodites!

    All this time i thought men got tired of having a penis and decided to get it removed. I didn't know that they have two genitials and decided to get one removed.

  3. Umm, contrary to the what title of this blog may have you believe transsexuals are not cursed, are not born from incestuos sex, and are not hermaphrodites. They are people born with the physical body of one sex and the brain of the other.... and what exactly is a 'gene tail'?... spellcheck anyone?