Friday, May 29, 2009

Gay: Red Foxx?

March 1966
Page. 94


  1. Lol i think gay back then was used to denote happiness or joy... not so sure

  2. I am not sure either but in retrospect i don't know about "naughty but goodies" and "Red Hot" and "XX" - we all know that back then "XX" was a code for adult rated movies.

    And Red Foxx facial expression look like he just got caught with a shemale.

    He's pulling a Eddie Murphy.

    or did Eddie Murphy pull a "Red Foxx"?

  3. I don't "believe" that they're saying that Foxx is gay. Because like 1:59 stated "gay" meant happy back then. However I don't "know" wheither they meant he plays for the same team or not.

    Has anyone ever seen the 2 E True Hollywood Stories on Redd Foxx and the one on Malcolm X. Well Foxx and Malcolm where running buddies back in their day. They use to do petty crimes together. As a matter of fact, thats where Foxx got his name Redd from. Malcolm X had red hair and they use to call him Red.

    In the movie Malcolm X, Spike Lee was portraying Redd Foxx. Now I don't know if Fox did any time in prison, but they use to be criminals together.

  4. You guys have No idea what you are talking about. Spike Lee was not portraying Redd Foxx in the movie. Malcom X used to be known as Detroit Red. What is youguys obsession with trying to prove everyone is/was gay????"

  5. Spike Lee was portraying Shorty not Red Foxx

  6. This is truly sad. R.I.P. Red Foxx. The person who posted this should inhale some co2. Very disrespectful to a legend. The person who wrote this gay and uneducated. I knew gay to mean happy, etc. before homosexual and i was been in the 80's. Not a funny joke.

  7. wtf/ Yall always want to feminize black men....ignorant bitches

  8. Gay still means happy, it's just that the powers that be have added the other meaning, aka homosexuality. The language changes little by little and even terminology which an educated person would never use such as ebonics terms and other ghetto speak have actually been added to the dictionary.
    I don't agree with that, and think that slang should be left out of the dictionary, especially when using terminology that some people use because they literally cannot get a proper grasp of the language. Good rule of thumb: if the person using the terminology cannot properly conjugate the verb "to be" then they have no business contributing new words to Websters.

    1. Your a freaking asshole! What the fuck are you talking about proper terminology. The english language is a trick language any damn way. It is derived from latin, which is a language of the devil! You crackers kill me always trying to stake a claim on some so called new found discovery. When in actually if you do some serious research you'll discover that y'all MF's didn't contribute shit to the human race but nuclear bombs, war, pestilance, murder, rape, robbery, and hate to name a few. Y'all are always trying to inject yourselves in other people's culture. Fucking thieves!7