Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Nguyen Thai Tai or Cindy Thai Tai?

Cindy - Nguyen Thai Tai (middle).

We come to a small house in Phu Nhuan District, HCM City, to see a beautiful woman, who used to be a man.

When he was a child, Nguyen Thai Tai loved girl’s games.

At puberty, he knew that he was not a boy. He had long hair, wore makeup, and dressed like a girl. Then a girl fell in love with Tai and wanted to marry him.

Tai’s family supported the wedding and all seemed happy, but several days before the wedding, Tai revealed that he was not a man. It was his last chance to live with himself.

After that, Tai eventually opened his own business and fell in love with a man. The love helped Tai to mature and find a career.

As his relationship progressed, Tai planned to marry and became determined to change his gender orientation. He thought that his lover could not love a woman in the body of a man so he went to Thailand to find himself.

In Thailand, Tai visited many hospitals, finally laying out US$30,000 for the “revolution” to find himself. After one month Tai came back Vietnam. It was a surprise for his family and friends.

From a husky man Tai has become a beautiful and graceful woman. All that remains are the deep voice and quite horny hands.

But a new life has opened to her. Tai has a new name – Cindy, a husband, and an adopted child and is now a well-respected beautician in HCM City.

Story Continues...


  1. Awww bitch boo...if yo insides say that you are a man than that is what the hell you are. If you have a prostate, Das Ferens (or what ever) your ass is a man period.

    Now I don't know if he had a micro penis or a small slit under the penis but what ever your insides say you are that is what the fuck you are. Even though it could be very confusing to an individual if they have both.

  2. Point is this "person" parents wasn't honest. They didn't reveal the reason why this "person" was "born this way". So they waited under all organs were fully developed then sent this "person" off to make his or her decision.

    That male on the far right look like the chinese lady that use to be on "The View". I can't think of her name right now.

  3. The skin is still a male.

  4. "All that remains are the deep voice and quite horny hands."


  5. cindy i am proud of you. i got the courage and had the sex change several years ago. My penis held me back from being who I really am. Last year I found and married the man of my dreams. He is very kind to me and I love him so much. When my husband and I go out people only see white lady with a chinese man. I only wish i could have his baby.

  6. @ 7:55 PM

    If you really love children and your husband is supportive of this, you can always adopt.