Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: KATHY GRIFFIN?

Maybe its me or maybe its not - Kathy Griffin is an odd looking female. I wonder if she's related to Estelle Getty. Kathy was the least attractive before surgery and even more so – after a few face adjustments. I wonder if she was the inspiration behind the creation of the Dlist website, and the stand up jokes... straight out of the CrackerJack box!

According to the “Central Station” blog, “Comedian Kathy Griffin confirmed our belief that she was born a male when she showed off that bulge in her panties in Beverly Hills on Wednesday".


  1. Kathy Griffin is one ugly ass individual. It would not matter if she was a male, she'd still be ugly a fukk!!!!

  2. She's deformed!

  3. hey people, evolve.

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